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10 kids storage ideas

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Projects Editor

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Keeping kids toys, books and clothes organised and tidy can be difficult regardless of the size of your home. 


Bunnings Workshop members have shared many simple and practical D.I.Y. kids storage solutions to help keep their homes free of clutter. Get inspired by the examples below.


1. Kids bedroom with reading nook and desk by @TheSparrowHome 

Workshop member TheSparrowHome used Flexi Storage cube units and shelves to maximise storage in their kids bedroom. A clever way to make the most of wall space.


Kids bedroom with reading nook and storage.png


Here are 5 clever ways to maximise storage in your home.


2. Long desktops over storage drawers by @LePallet 


Rylie’s desk and activity table features lots of storage for craft materials and toys.


Long desk over storage drawers.png


For more ideas for your D.I.Y. desk build, check out our Top 10 most popular desk projects.


3. D.I.Y. kids bedroom storage by @Renowayoflife 


Claire repurposed leftover VJ panels to create a stylish storage system for displaying her son’s toys and books. It also functions as a night light.


DIY kids bedroom storage.png


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4. Montessori-inspired kids bookshelf by @diy_hausdesigns 


While building this three-tier bookshelf, Rufaro carefully rounded and sanded the edges to ensure safety.


Montessori Inspired bookshelf (2).png

Rufaro shares step-by-step instructions on building this bookshelf in How to make a kids’ bookcase.


5. Kids play table with chalkboard top by @Mick0s 


This kids play table with a chalkboard top and tub storage is great for organising craft materials and toys.


Kids play table with chalkboard top (2).png


Have a look at resident Bunnings D.I.Y. expert @MitchellMc's step-by-step guide How to build a kids craft table with storage.


6. Ute bookshelf by @prettyliving 


Jess built a creative ute-shaped bookshelf with storage behind the door and headlights that can be used as a night light.


Ute bookshelf.png

Jess also built a castle-shaped bookshelf for her daughter. 


7. Toy car track with storage by @Tara86 


Tara’s creative kids toy car track doubles as a toy storage unit.


Toy car track with storage.jpeg

Get the little ones to paint their own landscape for their train to ride through. Follow this easy guide to build a train set activity station by experienced Workshop member Rob (@Peggers).

8. Recycled timber shelves for storage and kids play area by @prettyliving 


Jess made D.I.Y. shelves from recycled timber and hung them in her kids’ toy room. A simple and efficient method for increasing storage space.


Recycled timber shelves for storage and kids play area.jpeg


10 ways to use a floating shelf contains more creative ideas.


9. DIY bookshelf and roller storage by @Tara86 


While organising her kids playroom, Tara also built an industrial bookshelf and two matching side tables that provide ample storage.


DIY bookshelf and roller storage.png


The Bunnings guide D.I.Y. industrial wooden bookshelf contains instructions for building your own.


10. Pallet timber toy chest by @Jonb 


This rustic pallet timber chest can be used to store toys or extra blankets to keep bedroom and living areas tidy while allowing easy access.


Pallet timber toy chest.png


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