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Top 10 most popular storage projects

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You can never have enough storage around the home.


Adding more storage options allows you to keep your house clean and tidy, plus helps ensure you can quickly and easily find what you need.


Fortunately, it can be easy to create new storage that is not only practical but also a stylish addition to your home.


The Bunnings Workshop community can provide plenty of inspiration. Here’s the top 10 most popular storage projects on Workshop by pageviews:


Cordless drill charging stationCordless drill charging station

1. Drill charging station by @Wayne 


This very clever storage solution for cordless drills has been a consistently popular project on Workshop. Keen woodworker Wayne has also made another version, and we have published a full step-by-step guide to making your own.


2. Toilet roll holder shelf by @Rodney 


Who would have thought you could turn toilet paper storage into a work of art? This creative and striking feature enlivens the smallest room in the house and has been much admired. We have step-by-step instructions for building your own here - How to build a toilet roll holder shelf.


3. Portable workbench and garage shelving by @Tara86 


A terrific example of what can be achieved to create customised storage and an accessible working area even with relatively limited space. The portable workbench is a particularly smart idea, and the discussion also includes great storage ideas from other community members like Rolando.


Bin storage boxBin storage box

4. D.I.Y. portable bike stand by @Tara86 


Tara created a wonderful portable bike stand on castors so she could quickly and easily move them around. After receiving many plaudits from the community and requests from members wanting to build something similar, Tara generously shared step-by-step instructions on how to replicate the project.


5. Bin storage box by @ponting72 


Here’s a wonderful way to ensure rubbish bins are out of sight but still easily accessible. It’s a neat and tidy solution that could be customised to your needs.


6. Garage storage makeover by @lcooksey88 


With the goal of increasing storage space and providing a functional workspace, Workshop member lcooksey88 tackled this impressive garage makeover using Pinnacle storage products such as pegboards to mount and display various tools.


7. Pallet timber bench seat with storage by @LePallet 


Riley built this rustic recycled pallet timber bench seat with handy storage underneath the seat and featuring a planter box on each side.


8. Slimline pull-out spice rack by @DIYology 

Garage storage makeoverGarage storage makeover


This simple yet brilliant project made from pine, dowel and runners has inspired other community members to create their own versions. Build your own by following the step-by-step instructions in our guide How to build a slimline spice rack. 


9. Changing kitchen cupboards to drawers by @pete_brig 


Drawers are much more practical and accessible than cupboards. You can typically fit a lot more in a drawer, and items are easier to reach. 


10. Wine storage and bookshelf using pallet timber by @KGriff1 


Looking for a quick and cheap storage solution, KGriff1 recycled a pallet into a fantastic shelf to store wine, books and potted succulents. All that was needed was some extra MDF and some sanding work.


Other great storage ideas from the Bunnings Workshop community


Here’s some other inspirational storage solutions shared by Workshop community members:


Bag organiser for entrywayBag organiser for entryway






Last updated: October 2021

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