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5 clever ways to maximise storage in your home

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Projects Editor

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You can never have enough storage in your home. More storage options help keep everything tidier and more organised.

As our clever Bunnings Workshop community members have shown, there are many areas in your home where you can shoehorn in extra storage. Below are some terrific examples.


Let us know if you need a hand with a storage project at your house. We’d be happy to assist.


1. Use the gap next to your fridgeSlim line pull out spice rack (3).jpeg


Many of us dismiss the gap next to your fridge as wasted space that’s too narrow and not particularly accessible. Creative Workshop member @DIYology turned it into a functional space by building a slimline pull-out spice rack. It's a handy storage solution for cooking essentials that tucks away seamlessly when not in use.


Here’s a step-by-step guide how to build your own slimline spice rack by Bunnings D.I.Y. expert Mitch. 


2. Use the walls


Harness wall space to your advantage. Workshop member @Nkbarfield built this floating wall feature in their laundry wall along with an industrial hanging clothes rail, providing much needed storage in a busy area. You can build your own thanks to the step-by-step Bunnings guide How to make an industrial clothes rail, which includes a helpful video.Floating laundry wall feature (2).jpg


Hanging things off walls is another a great way to free up more floor space, which is what resourceful Workshop member @mattylara027 did with his project to hang bikes from his garage brick wall.


Here are more step-by-step guides shared by the Bunnings team for those looking to utilise their wall space: 




3. Maximise the space under stairsAdding shelves under stairs (3).jpeg


There are many ways to utilise the often neglected space under the stairs. Talented Workshop member @EleventhCoastal added shelves to make it into a tidy storage area.


Workshop member @kennyrussell also made the most of their stairwell by cleverly using four storage units to build a butler's pantry under the stairs. 


4. Organise your entryway


In many homes, the main entrance is often a drop zone for shoes, coats and everyday items as people walk in and out of the door. Experienced Workshop member @Tara86 made excellent use of limited space by building this stylish shoe and bag organiser to help keep the entryway free of clutter.

Hallway organiser (2).jpeg


Other helpful guides for projects to organise your entryway include:




5. Change kitchen cupboards to drawers


Changing cupboards to drawers (3).jpg

Replacing kitchen cupboards with drawers can offer a more practical storage solution and better use of space. That is what ingenious Workshop member @pete_brig did after getting frustrated with his under-bench cupboards that provided limited accessibility and storage.


How do you maximise storage in your home? Share your ideas by replying below.

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