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5 ways to add more storage to your wardrobe

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Wardrobes and closets are a great way to keep your home organised and clutter-free. They can be easily customised to suit your storage needs, helping you to find what you need quickly.

As our clever Bunnings Workshop members have shown, there are many quick and inexpensive ways to add more storage space to your wardrobe.

Below are some terrific examples. Check these out and let us know if you need a hand with your own wardrobe project. We’d be happy to assist.


1. Use the walls

From installing timber dowels to hang clothes on the side wall to adding a D.I.Y. shoe rack, Workshop member @Nicolarose used several clever methods to make their walk-in wardrobe more functional and stylish. 

Nicolarose's wardrobe transformation.png

2. Install hanging rails

While upgrading her daughter’s wardrobe, creative Workshop member @Alyce_Pham created a more organised space by installing hanging rails and storage baskets to keep everything neat and tidy. She also opted for sliding mirror doors to maximise space.


Alyce Pham's wardrobe makeover.png


3. Add shoe storage 

Resourceful Workshop member @prettyliving built a quick and simple shoe storage solution for her daughter's wardrobe using timber offcuts and shelves. A great way to keep shoes tidy and out of sight. 

shoe storage.png


4. Add shelves


Workshop member @Remarka6le installed sturdy, modern shelving to replace an unsuitable wire storage system, making his linen closet much more functional and spacious.


Remarka6le's custom linen closet.png


5. Insert drawers


During their wardrobe makeover, Workshop member @Tannie inserted two second-hand wooden draw units, effectively utilising floor space while keeping their wardrobe tidy and organised.


Tannie's wardrobe makeover.png


More ways to add storage space to your wardrobe 

Besides the ways listed above, we also recommend using vacuum bags to store off-season clothing or blankets. Using under-bed storage containers is another great idea to store wardrobe essentials that are not frequently used. 


The Bunnings team has also shared Five ways to maximise wardrobe space which contains handy tips.


How to build a walk-in wardrobe


Check out this step-by-step guide on How to build a walk-in wardrobe shared by the Bunnings team. It contains useful advice on assembling a corner-shelving unit, a unit for drawers and shelves, and how to insert hanging rods between your cabinets. 


More wardrobe inspiration for your home 


Popular with the Workshop community, this large walk-in robe built by Workshop member @grounded_design is a great example of how to build a stylish wardrobe in a cost-effective manner.

Grounded_design's large robe.png


In another project, Workshop member @JoeAzza replaced three wide doors with six narrower ones to give his large wardrobe a stylish new look and greater functionality. 


Joe's new wardrobe doors (2).JPG


More storage inspiration for your home


For more great ideas, check out our Top 10 most popular storage projects and 5 clever ways to maximise storage in your home.


Need more help with your wardrobe project?


The Bunnings Workshop community can assist with inspiration and advice for building or renovating your wardrobe. 


Please don’t hesitate to head to hit the Start a discussion button on Workshop and tell us what you would like to achieve. We’re here to help.

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