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Father's Day gift ideas

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Projects Editor

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With Father's Day fast approaching, we asked some devoted dads in the Bunnings Workshop community for D.I.Y. products they would love to receive as gifts.


For anyone struggling with gift ideas, we hope you find the suggestions handy. Please let us know if you have any questions about the products mentioned below or need other suggestions. We'd be happy to assist.


Luke (@TheRenoDad


A proud father to two children, Workshop member Luke says his dream is to own a D.I.Y. workstation one day. He is often helped in his projects by his six-year-old son, who loves painting. 


Here is Luke's wishlist:


1. Ryobi 1500W Planer Thicknesser 

"I’d love to be able to take old pieces of reclaimed timber, run them through and freshen them up to create floating shelves." Heavy Duty Work StationHeavy Duty Work Station


2. Pocket Tote Tool Bag or Technician Tool Bag

"My second idea would be to have a portable tool bag or bucket where I can throw everything into for renovation jobs around the house."


3. Matte Black Metal Pegboard or Heavy Duty Work Station


"My third idea is around tool organisation. Every D.I.Y. dad would love to have a pegboard where they can organise their tools. In fact, a full workstation is a dad’s dream." 


Tom (@tom_builds)


Workshop member Tom has shared several projects that have become massive hits within the Workshop community. These include his Backyard covered patio with low-level deck and Bathroom refresh with large timber benchtop. Tom also often shares handy D.I.Y tips and tricks with Workshop members.


Here are his top three Father's Day gifts:


1. Ozito PXC 18V Chainsaw 

"I currently have both a petrol and a corded electric chainsaw. However, a battery powered one is the best of both worlds since it is portable and easy to maintain." Ozito PXC 18V ChainsawOzito PXC 18V Chainsaw


2. Gorilla Height Adjustable Domestic Work Platform

"I borrowed one of these recently and have been wanting one of my own since. Great for painting and other jobs at height."


3. Jumbuck 57cm Black Phoenix Charcoal Kettle BBQ.

 "I've been cooking a lot of roasts this winter and I'm keen to change things up from the oven."


Rufaro (@diy_hausdesigns


Describing his one-year-old daughter as "a world of joy", Workshop member Rufaro says she is creative and independent. The first time dad adds that his daughter has an avid sense of adventure, and often attempts to escape the house and play in the backyard.


Here are some gifts he recommends for Father's Day:


1. Bosch Universal Level 2 Cross-line Laser With Dots

"What's better than a spirit level around the house? A laser level. I'm content with my simple level but this something extra. From lining up picture frames to tiling walls and marking cabinet heights, a laser level does it all."


2. Kreg Pocket Hole Jig 320

"I was super impressed to hear about what this bit of kit can do. This is a game changer."Ryobi 18V ONE+ Multi ToolRyobi 18V ONE+ Multi Tool


3. Ryobi 18V ONE+ Multi Tool - Skin Only.


"It does it all. If you don't have one, you'll soon need one."


Mark (@Remarka6le)


Celebrating his first Father's Day in 2022, Workshop member Mark recounts that everything changed the moment his son was born and placed on his chest. He adds that he won't trade being a father "for anything in the world".

Here are three gifts he'd love to receive for Father's Day:


1. Tusk Living La Famiglia kit

"I've always loved the smell and taste of woodfire cooked pizza. An oven is something I've always wanted to add to our outdoor space. I would grab the Tusk Living La Famiglia kit, just so I can assemble it myself."

2. Jumbuck Astro 4 Burner (and a gas conversion kit)Jumbuck Astro 4 Burner BBQJumbuck Astro 4 Burner BBQ

"I have a space that's perfect for building my own barbecue cooking area, complete with a concrete top.

3. IXL Bendigo Outdoor Pit n Grill.


"This winter showed me how much I actually enjoy sitting around a firepit. With our outdoor seating area in the works, we'd love to include a firepit that friends and family can all sit around for warmth. It should also double as a cooking area if we wanted to, so this grill would be my top pick." 


Adam (@Adam_W)

Horticulturalist and D.I.Y. expert Adam is well-known within the Workshop community, often sharing his expertise with members. He has authored many popular guides including How to build a simple raised garden bed and How to plan a bathroom renovation


Here are Adam's top Father's Day picks:


1. AEG 18v 3" Brushless Sub Compact Cut Off Tool

"I purchased this recently and have found it super useful. It is much neater and safer than using an angle grinder for things like cutting a PVC pipe." AEG 18v 3" Brushless Sub Compact Cut Off ToolAEG 18v 3" Brushless Sub Compact Cut Off Tool


2. AEG 18V Brushless Sub Compact Reciprocating Saw

"I would love a tool from the sub-compact brushless motor range. I have an older model with an interchangeable head. However, it is not as efficient as the brushless version."


3. Empire 1200mm Digital Spirit Level.


"I would love this."

Nurhadi (@Prof)


Lauded in the Workshop community for his dedicated home theatre, Nurhadi has two daughters. He also enjoys fishing, describing it as one of his "great love interests".   


Here are his top three Father's Day gifts:


1. Ryobi 1500W 184mm Circular SawRyobi 18V ONE+ Drill Driver KitRyobi 18V ONE+ Drill Driver Kit

2. Ryobi 18V ONE+ HP Brushless Jigsaw

3. Ryobi 18V ONE+ Drill Driver Kit.


"I've always received power tools for Father's Day. It's always nice to get another one to add to the collection. It's also a great gift for anyone who is just starting their D.I.Y. journey." 

James (@Jamespeter100


Workshop member James enjoys bringing his daughters' drawings to life and converting them into garden planters and wooden toys. 


Here is his Father's Day wishlist:


1. Northcote Pottery 37cm White Terrazzo Self Watering PotNorthcote Pottery Self Watering PotNorthcote Pottery Self Watering Pot


2. AEG 1800W 254mm Dual Bevel Slide Compound Mitre Saw


3. Johnsons World Botanics Billy Button Woollyheads.



A huge thank you to all our members for their contribution to this article. 



Need more help with Father's Day gift ideas?

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Engaging in a hands-on D.I.Y. activity or project is also a great way to celebrate Father's Day, like how Workshop member Ron (@r23on) did. You can check out his project here: Father's day project - tool box.


Happy Father's Day to all the Dads in the Bunnings Workshop community for Sunday, September 4.


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