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10 ways to improve your home security

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Projects Editor

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Protect your loved ones and property with simple D.I.Y. projects to improve your home’s security.

From installing lights to adding screen doors, Bunnings Workshop members have shared many ways to deter and prevent intruders. Check out some examples below.


Please note lighting and electrical work should only be completed by a licensed electrician. 


1. Lock all doors

Door locks are your first line of defence against intruders. Multiple varieties are available, including keyless digital locks and deadlocks that provide enhanced security.


Digital lock.jpg

The Bunnings team shares more ways to secure your doors in Secure your home, starting with the front door.

2. Install security cameras

Many security cameras can be linked to your smartphone, helping you monitor your home at all times. They're also a great way to deter potential intruders.


Home security camera.png


Experienced Workshop member @Nham explains How to choose a home security camera.

3. Use alarms

Home alarms can immediately alert you when your doors and windows are opened or damaged. Many alarms also come with security stickers as a deterrent.

Home alarm (2).jpeg

Check out more useful advice in the Bunnings guide How to secure your home.

4. Add or change lights

Motion sensor lights can scare off trespassers while increasing visibility for you and your guests. Rufaro (@diy_hausdesigns) installed solar floodlights in his outdoor entertaining area, making the area more visible and secure at night. 


screening light.png


Check out the Bunnings guide Five ways to secure your home for winter for more tips. 


5. Install a screen door 

screen door is an effective way to safely view who is at your door. Aletheia (@homeinmelbourne)'s screen door is a good example. Read the Bunnings guide How to install a security door for step-by-step instructions.

Screen door.png


You can also install screens for extra protection. Richard (@wooshka) built his own sliding outdoor timber screens to secure his deck and carport area. 

6. Extend your fence

A taller fence can make it more challenging for potential intruders to climb over, deterring break-ins. Experienced Workshop member Pete (@ProjectPete)'s guide How to add an extension to a Colorbond fence contains step-by-step instructions.


Extended fence.jpg

Top 10 most popular fence projects contains more inspiring ideas.


7. Use a doorbell

Digital doorbells with motion sensor technology can alert you to anyone lurking near your property, making them a fantastic security tool. 

Smart doorbell.jpeg


Have a look at the Bunnings guide How to choose smart locks and video doorbells for more useful advice.


8. Keep your keys safe

Many wall-mounted key safes are simple to install. If you are renting, lock a portable version to a fence or handrail. 


Key safe.jpeg


Find more ideas in 16 ways to secure your home.


9. Use a safe

A safe is great for safely storing irreplaceable items like jewellery or important documents. Choose a well-hidden and fire-resistant safe for maximum protection.



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10. Build a gate

Gates can improve your home’s security by blocking access. @Shannon built this sturdy gate for his side entrance. 

Shannon's gate.jpeg


The Bunnings tutorial How to build a picket gate is useful for anyone looking to do something similar.


How to improve your home security

The Bunnings team has shared several guides on improving your home security, including how to keep your home safe while you are away.

Those interested in using automated protection can also check out Workshop member Adam (@Adam_W)'s guide How to set up smart home security.

The Bunnings Workshop community can help if you need more assistance with improving your home’s security. Don’t hesitate to ask a question


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