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10 ways to organise your home

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Projects Editor

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Keeping your home organised can help you find what you need quickly and easily. It's also a great way to maximise storage space.


Bunnings Workshop members have shared plenty of ways to organise different parts of their home.


Below are some examples for inspiration. Let us know if you need a hand with replicating any of them. 


1. Install a pegboard


Pegboards are an easy way to tidy up tools without taking up limited floor space in a garage or shed. Leanne (@lcooksey88) used Pinnacle pegboards to mount and display her tools.


garage storage (2).png


Check out these tool storage projects and our Top 10 most popular garage and shed projects for more ways to organise your tools.


2. Redesign your pantry


Workshop member @Acewoodhome transformed their standard walk-in pantry into a stylish and practical butler’s pantry. With plenty of shelving, dedicated containers and labelling, it’s easy to keep organised and tidy.


Acewoodhome (2).png


Don’t miss our kitchen storage solutions for more inspiring ways to organise your kitchen.


3. Build a mud room with cabinets


Sarah (@HousevsSarah)’s D.I.Y. custom cabinet project turned a cluttered garage into an organised mud room that stores everyday items. The whole project took just three days.




Here are some more mud room projects shared on Workshop.

4. Make a cutlery organiser


Rizmy (@riziqbl)'s custom timber cutlery tray is great for keeping his cutlery organised while maximising storage space in his kitchen drawers.


PXL_20221206_065356047 (1).jpg


Have a look at How to build drawer dividers by Workshop member Carl (@CSParnell) for step-by-step instructions.


5. Rearrange your wardrobe

While upgrading her daughter’s wardrobe, Alyce (@Alyce_Pham) created a more organised space by installing hanging rails and storage baskets.


wardrobe-organisation (2).jpg


The Bunnings guide How to organise your wardrobe is useful for anyone wanting to make their wardrobe more presentable.

6. Tidy up your entryway


Experienced Workshop member Tara (@Tara86) built this shoe and bag organiser to help keep the entryway neat and tidy.


cr1 (2).jpeg


Our collection of hallway storage solutions contains more creative ideas on how to keep your entryway organised.


7. Declutter your desk


While building a floating study desk, community member @butters added a timber cable tray underneath the desk to hide their computer cables and keep the area tidy.


20200504_115310 (2).jpg


Check out 10 home office project ideas for more inspiring desk builds.


8. Construct a shelving unit


Ben (@Benskimo) built a custom mid-century shelving unit. You can change its size and layout to suit your needs. 


shelving (3).png


The Bunnings team has shared a step-by-step guide to constructing a D.I.Y. cube storage unit.


9. Make a spice rack


Adam (@DIYology) utilised the gap next to his fridge by creating a slimline pull-out spice rack to organise his spices.




Resident D.I.Y. expert Mitch (@MitchellMc) has shared a step-by-step guide How to build your own slimline spice rack.


10. Use cube storage


While turning an unused spare room into a functional craft room, storage room and playroom, Carol (@Carol_Prime) used Flexi Storage Clever Cubes to organise and store multiple items. 


20210104_083013 (3).jpg


Find more storage ideas for your space with our Top 10 most popular storage projects.


Need more help with organising your home?


The Bunnings Workshop community can assist with more inspiration and advice for organising your home. Don’t hesitate to start a discussion and tell us what you would like to achieve. We’re here to help.


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