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6 ways to grow plants in an apartment

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You don’t need a backyard or a large plot of land to grow your own plants.


As our creative Bunnings Workshop community members have shown, there are many ways to grow plants in an apartment, regardless of its size. 


Below are some examples for inspiration. Let us know if you have any questions. 


1. Make a terrarium


Terrariums are low-maintenance indoor gardens that don't take up too much space and can make impressive gifts or table features. Check out these easy-care terrariums shared by Workshop member Michelle (@mich1972).


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The Bunnings guide How to make a terrarium is useful for anyone keen to make their own.

2. Hang plants from a basket


Plants in hanging baskets and pots can be a delightful feature for your home. They can add colourful flowers, relaxing greenery, privacy and even fresh herbs and vegetables to eat. Check out Michelle’s colourful hanging basket for inspiration.


hanging basket 2.png


Horticulturalist and Workshop member Noelle's guide How to choose plants for hanging baskets contains more handy tips.


3. Make your own indoor plant stand


Using plant stands to grow indoor plants is a great way to maximise limited space in an apartment. Timber plant stands by @joineryjo are easy to make and can add a striking design element to indoor and outdoor spaces.


plant stands.jpg


Inspired by Jo's plant stands, experienced member @JoeAzza has shared a full step-by-step guide How to build a planter stand.

4. Create a vertical garden

Vertical gardens on balconies can provide more space for growing herbs, flowers and vegetables. Community member @Darren turned a plain brick wall into an attractive feature with five rows of terracotta pots ready for planting. Remember to always check with your local building authority before placing pots or planters in your balcony to avoid any safety risks.


final_web (3).jpg


Check out 5 ways to create a vertical garden for more creative ideas.

5. Grow hydroponic plants


Depending on your space, you could set up a hydroponic garden in your apartment. Hydroponic gardening involves growing plants in water instead of soil. Nurhadi (@Prof) is growing hydroponic plants like tomatoes and lettuce and has shared his experiences.


hydro - 2.png


If you want to know more about hydroponics, check out the Bunnings article growing hydroponic plants.


6. Use planter boxes


Planters are portable, so they can be moved over seasons and taken with you if you move homes. Community member @Kaz1971 built a timber planter box to fit the end of their apartment balcony. 

Balcony After3.JPG


Check out the step-by-step guide to building a portable garden bed by the Bunnings team. Experienced Workshop member Rob (@Peggershas also put together a simple guide to making a very simple planter box for beginners.


Need more help with growing a garden in an apartment?


The Bunnings Workshop community can assist with more inspiration and advice for adding greenery to your apartment. Don’t hesitate to start a discussion and ask for help.


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