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5 ways to create a vertical garden

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

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A vertical garden can offer an aesthetically-pleasing screening solution to enliven a plain wall or fence. It can also provide more space for growing herbs, flowers and vegetables.


Check out these easy and unique ways our clever and creative Bunnings Workshop community members have created vertical gardens, and let us know if you need a hand building your own.


1. Reinforcing mesh


Vertical herb garden on reinforcing mesh by @RodAndo 


Workshop member RodAndo created this vertical herb garden with planter boxes made out of decking attached to reinforcing (reo) mesh.




Vertical herb garden on reinforcing mesh by @Karl1 


Workshop member Karl1 shared an easy vertical garden project featuring reo mesh and a copper garden border for a rustic look.




2. Custom timber build


Vertical garden with built-in watering system by @kel 


Experienced member Judy's self-watering vertical garden allows her to grow more in a compact space and is also an attractive screening solution.




Succulent frames for vertical garden by @gregoreau 


Learning from his previous design, Workshop member gregoreau built these succulent frames with Pine and corflute sheeting and used sphagnum moss instead of succulent potting mix that easily falls out of the frame.




3. Planters on hooks


Vertical herb garden by @KingStreetReno 


To create this vertical garden, KingStreetReno secured pieces from the Whites Garden Up range to the fence with screws and found it quick and easy to achieve a great result.




Hanging herb garden by @chowie 


Workshop member chowie built this hanging herb garden using Merbau decking boards and Whites Garden Up vertical garden pots and herb wire hooks.




Vertical garden by @BrendanB 


Although there's not enough soil in these hanging pots to support a wide range of vegetables, Brendan was able to grow baby beetroot, mini red onion, spring onions and chilli.




4. Secured terracotta pots


Vertical garden on brick wall with terracotta pots by @Darren 


Darren's vertical garden turned this plain brick wall into an attractive feature with five rows of terracotta pots ready for planting.




Terracotta pot vertical garden screening by @DIYology 


Workshop member DIYology built this fantastic screening solution using decking timber, rope and terracotta pots.




5. Recycled pallets and reclaimed items


Recycled timber pallet succulent display by @AndrewLee 


Andrew added succulent pots to a painted pallet and created a wonderful vertical garden feature.




Grape tin vertical herb garden by @kaylah_rose 


For this very popular project, Kaylah used vintage tins and fragrant herbs to add character to her fence and backyard.




Pallet timber planter by @Carol_Prime 


Carol attached pots to a recycled pallet to create a simple planter that's ideal to enliven a plain wall or fence.




Simple succulent display using recycled pallet by @ProjectPete 


Experienced member Pete made an easy D.I.Y. vertical garden to enliven a boring fence by hanging planters on a timber pallet.




How to build a vertical garden


A vertical garden can provide greenery and colour to enliven a drab location and provide plenty of growing space in even very small areas. Create your own by following this step-by-step guideHow to build a vertical garden.




Popular screening projects


Vertical gardens can be beautiful screening solutions for any outdoor space. Check out our Top 10 most popular screening projects for more fantastic screening ideas.


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