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An infectious passion

Community Manager
Community Manager

An infectious passion


HeroTim.pngWorkshop community update #20


Hi all,


It’s a real treat to share some of the stories of our leading contributors to Workshop. I hope you find our member profiles as interesting and inspiring as I do.


Our latest community star is @timjeffries, who has infectious passion for working with his hands, whether it’s growing his own food or tinkering in the workshop. Tim is also generous with his time and happy to share his expertise and experiences, as well as being ever-eager to learn new things. It’s great to have Tim as one of our community members and I hope you enjoy reading his story.


It’s also been fantastic to see such an influx of brand new community members this week. I’ve tried to personally reach out to you all, but please feel free to send me a message if you need a hand getting the most from the site. It’s been particularly pleasing to see how many new members have introduced themselves. Many thanks for sharing and joining in the discussion.


It’s certainly been a busy week on Workshop in terms of interesting D.I.Y. and gardening conversation. Some of the most popular Workshop posts from the past week included:









There were also many calls for help in the past week. Have you got any expertise or experience you could add about these topics?








Special thanks to our top contributors to Workshop this week. The community members who posted the most popular content in the past seven days were @timjeffries, @Isobel, @ProjectPete, @QuailFlock and @JP_Finlay. Thanks again for your terrific contribution to the community.



Community Manager


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