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DIY pocket door using VJ panels

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DIY pocket door using VJ panels

We wanted to add a pocket door to our home; we recently added an extension, where we added the bedrooms. We wanted to design a door to create some privacy so we could close the bedrooms off if we wanted to entertain.

We knew a 3m high custom door was way out of the budget so we decided to build it ourselves.

Video here -


We built the door using leftover hoop pine flooring and VJ panes. Derek constructed a frame using ripped-down hoop pine flooring and nailed it together.


  • We laid a VJ panel on the floor with the VJ's facing down.
  • We attached the frame to the VJ panel using liquid nails.
  • We applied liquid nails to the top of the frame and placed another full VJ panel onto the frame VJ side up.
  • We then nailed the board to the frame, flipped it over and nailed the otherside.
  • The nail holes were filled with wood fill.

We framed in the opening, taking it as wide and high as possible and in one side of the pocket door.

The hardware was installed and we hung the door.

We framed in the remaining side sheeted and painted.


Happy DIYing 











  • Hoop Pine Flooring - or other wood - We had materials left over 
  • liquid Nails
  • VJ panel
  • Framing Timber
  • Door track


Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: DIY Pocket Door: Queenslander Renovation

Hello @Renowayoflife 


Thank you so much for sharing your door assembly process. The door looks fantastic, and it would probably have cost you an arm and a leg to have this made. It's great that you had some left-over materials to build it, what is the overall thickness of the door? 


Again, thanks for sharing this fantastic project.




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Re: DIY Pocket Door: Queenslander Renovation

Hi @EricL Thank you so much, love how it turned out and loving the savings you're right it would have cost a fortune. 


The door is 40mm thick.

Home Improvement Guru

Re: DIY Pocket Door: Queenslander Renovation

Afternoon @Renowayoflife 

Now that is a brilliant idea! First up I really like the seperation if needed and then such an imposing door but hidden :smile: Nice work and definently outside the box thinking. Think I will file this away for possible future use :smile:



Re: DIY Pocket Door: Queenslander Renovation

Thanks @Dave-1 It's great as it retracts entirely into the wall so most people don't know it's there :smile:


We have 3 small kids so it's great if you're up early you don't wake everyone up.

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