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Best tips for spring cleaning

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Re: Best tips for spring cleaning

I thought this article was funny - I've done a mad dash around the house more than once when I've found out friends or family are popping around in 5 minutes and the house is a mess...


Hiding stuff in the dishwasher is always a winner. You can also hide stuff in your car if desperate!

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Re: Best tips for spring cleaning

Mold + Mildew- Scrub down the area with a minimum amount of hot soapy water to remove any excess build-up. These eraser pads can help get the ingrained mold out of painted walls etc .
To a 500ml spray bottle add 2 teaspoons of clove oil, then fill the rest with water. Spray this mixture over the effected and surrounding area.
The clove oil kills mold spores and prevents it from returning.
Last time the real estate was around to do an inspection they asked how we keep the mold away un-like the previous tenants. They now recommend this mixture to other tenants with mold issues.
Apart from the fact that it works, the best thing is you don't need to breath in excess amounts of bleach based cleaners.

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