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Some years ago, we had a commercial window installer supply new aluminium windows including insect screens to replace the external windows. They did a ...

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A question to the other OCD cleaning peeps out there. Bunnings has two carpet cleaners out, a Britex unit and a Rug doctor unit. I have a dirty carp ...

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G'day Everyone, Stick vacuum cleaners are great. But oftentimes you find that it does not stand well on its own. It usually ends up sliding or crash ...

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We have wallpaper on the shop walls and the previous tenant had a love of DIY sticky tape to fix everything.So she stuck down some of the peeling wall ...

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  When our front verandah was tiled a few years ago there has been some grout hazing ever since & it’s difficult to remove. Can someone please recomm ...

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This question is the most ridiculous question I've ever asked !! How do you clean uncleanable glass?!! Let me explain..I have a glass sliding entr ...

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Hello all Just wondering if I could please get some advice on how to restore this bookshelf. I bought it from a second hand store (see pic) and it’s ...

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Hey all! My fiancee and I have just settled on a 3 bedroom Californian bungalow in the northern suburbs. It needs a ton of work, but has great bone ...

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Hi there! We just had new doors installed and have finished the raw timber with Cabots stain and varnish. Now wondering the best way to clean the exce ...

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Just wondering if anyone knows if Bunnings has an appropriate product to remove the smell of cat pee? I’ve got one that has been peeing in the corner ...

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In December the social calendar starts to get busier, so I'm hoping to get some spring cleaning done this weekend. The windows will be one of the f ...

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Just looking for recommendations on air cleaning plants please.