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Best way to paint timber doors

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Best way to paint timber doors

I often get asked, how do you get a professional finish on doors?

We then proceed to explain that you have 2 options currently on the market regarding door paint:


1. Water-based paint 

2. Oil-based paint 


Waterbased paints don't go yellow over time but it can be quite tricky to work with it as the paint dries too quickly and as a consequence leaves brush marks on the surface.

On the other hand, the oil-based paints go slightly yellow over time, especially if the doors are in dark areas out of reach from the sunlight (like a basement or garage).

After all, they are based on oil (which is yellow by nature)

But the advantage of oil-based paints is that they flow much easier and they also settle in a uniform way across the surface if applied properly.

I would recommend using a 4mm nap roller for both types of paints and if working with oil-based paints add a paint extender (like Penetrol) so when you are rolling or brushing the paint doesn't dry too fast, allowing you to work at your own pace and producing a brush-mark free finish.


What are your tips regarding a professional finish for doors?



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