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Cost of our projects

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Cost of our projects

Hi folks!

I'm having a bit of a think here and wondering whether it would be of value to the community that the cost of projects was perhaps included in our descriptions.
I know that on TV they never divulge the actual cost of projects as it would probably turn people off taking on projects they see. They also don't show close-ups of finished paint jobs or some carpentry work.
But I'm thinking that perhaps people would care to divulge an "approximate" cost of their projects just for our edification. This might entail the cost of materials and then the tools bought or used.

I'm not trying to be nosy (but I guess I am), and it should not be mandatory.

But I know from experience that when I come in under budget or get a good deal on some materials, it warms the cockles of my heart. But I also reckon it would provide valuable information for those of us trying to have a go at a similar projects.

Whaddya reckon?

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Re: Cost of our projects

The Architectural Engineering & Construction (AEC) Industries are already using Building Information Modelling (BIM), VRAR , Etc
3D , 4D  , 5D Models .. Finding the optimal Design, Min Cost, greatest profit/yield, best tools, involves a higher order Calculus
Not to worry, Algorithms & Computers can do the math for you, the whole process can also be automated & Many more advantages..hth

I forgot to mention AI 

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Re: Cost of our projects

I also encourage Workshop members to share as much information as they can, as it would certainly be valuable to others who are inspired by their projects.


I would also encourage you to feel free to ask any member who has uploaded a project if they are able to share details like the tools and materials they used and the total cost. This is a friendly and helpful community and I'm sure most members will be happy to share as much detail as they possibly can.


Good topic, thanks for raising it @Henno.




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Re: Cost of our projects

I used the Bunnies wish lists to plan and track my shed build, moved everything to the 'Bought list' once purchase so figures are readily available.


Workshop Shed 3.6 x 2.7m, skillion roof 2.7m on high side cost approx $2000 including purchase of nailer kit and air compressor (about $400). So $1600 in materials, including some products I wouldn’t use again - 3mm melamine panels to cover the ceiling weren’t a great success and expanding foam around window frames doesn’t go far and is messy, even the low expansion stuff.

In saying that, all the Colourbond cladding for the roof and two walls was found and repurposed - lots of little sheets from skips, but also bags of roofing screws to go with them!

 The other two walls are pallet wood. Also found a 5.1m 200x50mm LVL beam on the side of the road (seriously!), door was $10 at a Lions' auction and three aluminium windows for $30. Recouped $40 selling the half a roll of underfloor insulation not required.

@Jason there appears to be no easy way to share a text version of a wish list... emailing gets the full version with links but no prices. Copy button pls



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