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Cupboard shelves

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Cupboard shelves

Hi DIYers, 

Good day. 

I want to install some cupboard shelves similar to the ones below. Please see  pics. 

Please i need help with the below:

1) the shelf boards ,they are the chipboards, i assume?

2) What is the supporting frame below the shelf board called, if i were to source this from Bunnings?

3) How do we attach the supporting frame to the wall? I can't see any nails or screws, so it must be some glue. 


any advise, greatly appreciated 




Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Cupboard shelves

Hi @bm,


There was a recent discussion by @algenebautista on how to mount these shelf supports which you might find helpful.


The shelves are most likely constructed from Custompine board and the supporting frame appears to be 42 x 19mm pine moulding painted white.


Your supports look to have been fixed with brad nails indicated by the marks on the end of the timber. You could use Ramset Wallmate Twist-N-Lock 4 Pack fittings to secure the supports to the wall. Because you are going through a reasonably thick piece of timber it could be worth using slightly longer screws like the Zenith 8g x 50mm Gold Passivated Countersunk Rib Head Chipboard Screws 50 Pack instead of the ones supplied in the Wallmate pack.


If the shelf was to be carrying some excessively heavy loads you could use a Liquid nails construction glue, however, if you ever need to move the shelf support it likely will damage the plasterboard.


Please let me know if you need further assistance or had any questions.




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Re: Cupboard shelves


If shelf is longer than 600mm there will be a stud behind the gyprock. Using a longer screw through the gyprock and into the stud will take a lot of weight 


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