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Does Water Based Air Purifier Really Works?


Does Water Based Air Purifier Really Works?

An air purifier is a device that cleans the air and removes harmful elements from the air. A  water-based air purifier takes air and runs the purification method by releasing charged ion in the air.

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Re: Does Water Based Air Purifier Really Works?

Hi @authurjackson , I have one of these glass globe water based air purifiers and I love it. The simple design of air being sucked through a fine spray of water then blown out again is all it does so don't expect air purification, it is what it is. It hasn't stopped dust on the furniture and I guess it doesn't kill any germs either. In a smallish or enclosed area it works well. I put a few drops of eucalyptus oil in it when my sinuses play up or have a cold. I suppose other oils would work for their intended benefits too.


I suggest keep it clean, which is easy to pour out the water and give it a quick clean out then fresh water. Be mindful of any humidity affects it may have on mould and mildew in the room. Just the usual common sense. Whether it really works or is just mind over matter is up to you. 




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Re: Does Water Based Air Purifier Really Works?

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @authurjackson. It's great to have you join us and many thanks for your question.


I see @Stuardo has already given some great feedback on their personal experience which is fantastic to see. As they have mentioned water-based air purifiers are great at distributing essentials oils into the air and will pickup larger airborne particles by trapping them in the water stream.


Air purifiers that use HEPA filters are significantly better at removing most airborne particles including- pollen, pet allergens, dust, tobacco smoke and mould spores. If anyone in your home has allergies or asthma I would higher suggest looking for a HEPA based unit that has a high air volume turnover and uses medical-grade HEPA filters if possible.


We look forward to hearing more about what selection you make and encourage you to share your results with the community.




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Re: Does Water Based Air Purifier Really Works?

For what it's worth, I use a Xiaomi air purifier and it is money well spent.

They have 3 different kinds of filters which are colour coded and do different things and all are HEPA. One should come with the machine and all 3 filters are sold separately.


I have very bad Hay Fever for most of the year and this things keeps my man cave as an allergy free zone. I can't prove it myself, but it apparently keeps the room free from lots of nasties in the air and I have noticed a big reduction in dust in this room.


It runs on wifi too and you can operate it and access stats via the app on the phone.

I don't run it very day and I think the filters are recommended to last about 6 months depending on use and conditions, but I remove the filter, take it outside and give it a thorough vacuum and it lasts a lot longer.


I mainly have it for dust and Hay Fever.


Xiaomi may not be a brand you are aware of, but they are very popular world wide for quite a few things. 

YouTube has plenty of videos on this machine if you are curious.

Do your research if shopping as there are lots of local sellers and prices can vary between them.


Really didn't want this to be an advertisement for Xioami, but it just happens to be the brand of the air purifier that has kept me happy for a couple of years now.

Draws air from 4 sides, filters inside and blows out the top.Draws air from 4 sides, filters inside and blows out the top.


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