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Front door makeover

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Front door makeover

Hi everyone...we were doing some painting last year and finally got to the front door. Just wanted to share our experiences as picking the right colour can be really hard. We ended up selecting Hamptons Blue from Porters paint. The sales lady at Porters suggested we also paint both the front and security door.



  • Porters paint (aqua gloss enamel)
  • Pro Renovator 75mm Paint Brush
  • Pro Renovator 25mm Paint Brush
  • Paint Partner Plastic Backed Canvas Drop Sheet
  • 240 grit sandpaper

First, take off the security door. Clean and then lightly sand both the entrance and security door. Lay down the drop sheet before you start. I used the canvas drop sheet, which is affordable and covers a large area. When you start painting the door, take your time, let in dry, and then do a second coat. Use the smaller brush for the security door, don't overload the brush, and try to work in small sections. After each section, check for drips and correct. After you painted one side, let it dry, turn over the security door and paint the other side. We did two coats for each door.


These paints are excellent, and the brushes wash off in water. We never considered painting the security door, but looking at it now, I am glad we did.


Before paintingBefore paintingAdding a bit of blueAdding a bit of bluewith the security doorwith the security door



Re: Front Door makeover

Hi @Nham! What a dramatic transformation. It looks like it was well worth it to paint the security door too. Thanks so much for sharing this project with us. Thanks also for the details about the products you worked with. This will definitely help anyone that's inspired by your creativity. I look forward to seeing your next project.




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