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How to add decorative screen panels to balcony edging?

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How to add decorative screen panels to balcony edging?

Hi we have a balcony that we would like to modernize/update and have thought about using decorative  screen panels where trellis previously way..see photo..has anybody does this? any thoughts or ideas? I know that we would need a capping rail and base for stability



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Re: balcony edging

Hi @sonja1,


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If ease of installation is of importance to you, I would suggest that you look for a decorative screen with a repeating pattern so that it can be cut to size to fit the existing spaces currently taken up by the trellis. You could then use some channel of a suitable size such as Metal Mate 16 x 16 x 1.5mm 1m Aluminium Channel fixed to the sides of the opening with galvanised screws. You could then cut the screen to size and sit it inside the channel and fix in place with Zenith 8G x 20mm Galvanised Button Head Metal Screws. Please keep in mind that any screening installed should meet your local council requirements for balcony railings and should not be climable by children as it is a fall risk. 


You might also like to check out our Top 10 most popular screening projects for some inspiration.


Allow me to tag some of our helpful members to see if they have any ideas @Noyade, @Jewelleryrescue, @Nailbag.


Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions.




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Re: balcony edging

Hi @sonja1 Bunnings do a large range of decorative Corten panels that I've used on a similar project, which transformed old style trellis to a modern look. Like me you will need to trim down the length to suit using an Angle grinder and a metal cutting disc. I used a few different brands of discs most barely lasting. But came across these Kango branded ones which were a game changer, with 1 disc lasting compared to 5-6 of the others for the same price.

I then drilled holes in the edge of the panels and fixed them using 32mm flat head black screws.

Regards, Nailbag




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