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How to fix a leaking alcove roof?


How to fix a leaking alcove roof?

I have a timber tile alcove roof I filled and painted a while back as was rotting that’s got a slight leak. Happy to consider a full replacement (ideas for paid help welcome if that’s allowed) But thought I’d try researching DIY Options like painting over with heavy duty tar, resin ( not done before so guessing) or or first. Ideas welcome. Happy to share photos .. more information if thought useful.



bayside Melbourne 


ps. My first post so pardon the newcomer ignorance. Special thanks to all who got this forum to this point. Most useful seeing I can’t visit and talk to useful Bunnings store staff currently. 

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: how to fix a leaking alcove roof

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community Harry (@UE). It's terrific to have you join us and many thanks for your question.


Some pictures would be fantastic to assist our members in providing great solutions to your issue. If the images could include what flashing is involved on the roof all the better.


We'll also need some more information on where you think this slight leak is coming from in order to recommend a product which could fix it. You really need to identify the source to be able to fix it. Alternatively, your options would likely include painting the entire area which is not a great solution.


We look forward to hearing more about the situation and seeing some images to assist us with your issue.




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