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How to fix heavy items to metal stud walls?

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How to fix heavy items to metal stud walls?

I just moved into my new apartment and have a few different medium (shelves) to heavy (TV, floating desk) duty things I want to fix to my wall, but with the way my walls are setup I have no idea what's the best way to do that.


I was able to take a peak when they installed the A/C. The walls in the whole place are setup like this as far as I know with some areas having insulation too in the void. And the studs (are they even studs?) are metal and bracketed into the concrete and non structural.


What are the options I should have to do all my fixing needs? Do I fix to drywall? Metal stud? Or into concrete? And how? When fixing into concrete won't the screw pull the drywall into the void and crack it?





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Bunnings Team Member

Re: How to fix heavy items to metal stud walls?

Hello @imarshallwidjaj 


Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community. It's sensational to have you join us and thanks for sharing your question about your apartment walls.


I'm sorry but this appears to be a very complex wall with a host of mixed materials in it. Guessing where its structural mounting points are can become an expensive exercise. I propose speaking to your building manager and asking them more about the construction of your wall and where it might be safe to anchor your shelves and floating TV desk. 


My only other suggestion is to change your shelves to standing shelves and perhaps adding legs to your floating TV desk. 


Let me call on our experienced members @Dave-1 and @Nailbag for their recommendations.


If you have any other questions we can help with, please let us know.




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Re: How to fix heavy items to metal stud walls?

Evening @imarshallwidjaj 

Imust admit that I havnt seen a wall quiet like yours either. Its hard to determine the makeup of the wall without seeing more (further back photo) The smooth surface of that metal backing is throwing me, makes me think of a clip together wall system, just mounted vertically. I would follow @EricL's suggestion and talk to your building manager to find out some more information.


Depending on your setup, you could look at hanging the shelving/tv off the ceiling. If you find out what type of makeup your wall is and types of studs used then for sure something can be worked out.



Re: How to fix heavy items to metal stud walls?

Hi Eric & Dave




The backing is concrere. The walls are layered kind of like drywall-metal stud-void-concrete. I'll attach more photos.



 ive been told the metal studs aren't structural at all and just mounted to concrete to hold up the drywall.


I think the ceiling void is an even crazier space to tackle 😅 and have no idea where to even start mounting heavy duty things to it.


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Re: How to fix heavy items to metal stud walls?

As @EricL @mentioned I would first contact the building manager for insights on how similar items have been installed.they will also be able to advise on areas where cavities may have service pipes and cables. 


Having said that, all those items mentioned shouldnt be fixed to plasterboard. The metal studs that are fastened to the concrete walls will be the most secure anchor points. Metal studs over timber is a typical construction method in commercial buildings. Timber is rarely used other than for feature cladding etc. 


keep us in the loop


regards Nailbag

Re: How to fix heavy items to metal stud walls?

Morning @imarshallwidjaj 

Makes much more sense now :smile: Thanks for the pics.

You will still have to chat to the building manager but you could cut a few segmants of plaster out, drill into the concrete walls, mount studs (timber or metal) so you have something to attach your tv/shelving to. Then repatch the wall. (make sure you take meausurements where the studs are.


I dont know of any drill and standoff bolts you could use as you need something solid to compress into when tightening up teh bolts/screws so tahts why I suggest a stud. (not sure of the depth of the plaster to the concrete is all)



Re: How to fix heavy items to metal stud walls?

Morning everyone!


Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


Ill get in touch with the building manager about the concrete mounting options and such.


Using the metal stud, whats the best way to fix medium duty things to them? Would drywall screws be enough or would it be better to use a form of drywall anchor but into the hollow of the stud? There is only a ~40mm void between the stud and the concrete.




Thanks and cheers!


Re: How to fix heavy items to metal stud walls?

Hi @imarshallwidjaj,


They appear to be sections of metals studs and purely there to mount the plaster onto. Without knowing more details about whether they have any structural nature we wouldn't be able to advise on adequate fixing methods. It is my opinion that you should not be mounting anything on them. Fixing 40mm timber plates to the concrete and then fixing into those would be a more solid connection.




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Re: How to fix heavy items to metal stud walls?

Hi everyone,


Just wanted to share an update and thank everyone for the help.


I did end up speaking to the building manager and getting an handyman in and they both suggested (and did) drilling a short expansion bolt to the concrete to mount timber and mounting the TV into that.


Also drilled some exploratory holes into where the shelves were going to go (in line with the drywall screws to make sure nothing is hit) and found timber studs to mount the shelves to anyway.


Thanks all!

Re: How to fix heavy items to metal stud walls?

That's great to hear @imarshallwidjaj.


Many thanks for the update and sharing your solution.




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