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How to install Flexi shelves?

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How to install Flexi shelves?



I'm looking to install some flexi shelves in my kitchen using the 250x200 and 350x 250mm reinforced brackets for shelf sizes 600x200mm and 900x350mm, respectively.

I'm just wondering what size masonry screws I will need? I've got the appropriate tools for drilling into masonry and have done so before, I haven't drilled into tile before though and was wondering if there is a different technique for that?




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Re: installing flexi shelves

Hello @ch


Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community. Thank you so much for joining us and sharing your question about installing Flexi shelves.


Drilling through tiles requires a special drill bit. You can use a Ryobi 4 Piece Glass And Tile Bit Set but I recommend the QEP 6mm Diamond Tile Drill Bit as it has its own cooling system. I suggest using the Ramset 8 x 50mm Universal Anchor - 4 Pack. This anchor is available in larger packs if you are doing a lot of shelves.


The general rule for choosing fixings is that the head of the screw must be bigger than the hole on the bracket. Observe if the bracket fitting is either flat or countersunk. At least 70 percent of the length of the screw must travel past the bracket and into the wall. The thicker the body of the screw the greater the amount of load it will carry.


Here is a handy step-by-step guide: How to install masonry fixings


Let me tag our experienced member @TedBear for his recommendations.


Please keep us updated. we look forward to seeing your Flexi shelves installed.




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Re: installing flexi shelves

Just an additional alternative to @EricL s comments... (which is still good advice).

Here is a link to Youtube from a tiler on how to drill through tiles without needing specialised drill bits. (I haven't done this myself yet, because I already had the special tile bit when I needed to drill some holes.)


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