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Metal fatigue around door frame/hinge


Metal fatigue around door frame/hinge

Hi all

I've just joined and this is my first post here! I'm seeking advice on how to fix metal fatigue on a metal door frame - as per the photo. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!





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Re: Metal fatigue around door frame/hinge

Hello @TJM1


Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community. Thank you for joining us and sharing your query about metal fatigue around the door frame/hinge.


Looking at the damage, it seems that the hinge has pulled away from the mounting frame. Would it be possible for you to post a photo of the back of the hinge? This will let us know how the hinge was mounted on the steel frame. Are the other hinges in the same condition? If the hinges were welded on, one option to fix it is to remove the door and engage the services of a tradesperson who has welding experience and equipment.


Another way to fix the situation is to install new hinges on the door and the steel frame in another spot. I suggest using the Pinnacle 100mm Single Fixed Pin Butt Hinge. I recommend the Zenith 10G x 30mm Galvanised Self Embedding Head Metal Screws Winged - 50 Pack to screw the hinges to the steel frame. It will be necessary to rebate the door in order to fit the new hinges.


It sounds like an interesting repair job, any updates you can provide while repairing it would be much appreciated.


Let me tag our experienced members @r23on and @JDE for their recommendations.


If you need more advice and information, please let us know.




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Re: Metal fatigue around door frame/hinge

Hi @TJM1 

The hung is suffering from metal fatigue with in the weld. Is it possible you can scrap the paint off for good look at the weld / door frame? In most cases with metal frames the hinge is welded to the frame and the hinge itself is a much heavier gauge of metal than the standard hinge (in most cases).

I take it the frame is mounted on a brick wall?

There is a number of ways to repair the issue but I need to see a good close up and the paint removed around the crack


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