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Renovations and Extension

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Renovations and Extension

Good afternoon everyone,


I am looking at turning bedroom 4 back into a family room for my elderly mother along with a door to the small hallway next to this bedroom and making this part of the house to include bedroom 3 into a granny flat. There used to be a door from bed 3 to the bathroom which i'd also reinstall. This will provide a section of the home closed off to the main house.


This leaves me with a couple of rooms short to function for the rest of the family. I am thinking of adding an extension off the kitchen of 4.5 metres by same width of current kitchen 3.5 metres. This area is flat, has no septic tanks, leach drains or trees.


Thinking of turning the dining room into a bedroom for regular overseas visitors/ study for me to work at home. Removing the window and adding a sliding door out to the old carport which faces West. There used to be a wall between current kitchen and dining room, so adding this back with a door to bedroom off what will be the new dining room/ old kitchen. Hope you're still following me...


Now my next dilemma... the living room has  too many doors/doorways and we also have no hallway. The living room is the current entrance door and it also has a fireplace off centre. I would like a fully functioning hallway or entrance door. Was thinking of adding this in the kitchen extension which will meet the path facing West. (The pool faces North) However this is the old driveway entrance as we are on a corner block. The laundry exterior door/old carport area is were everyone knocks and delivers parcels as this is off the new driveway/garage. I know.. I didn't design the house..


Next issue.. Because the main bathroom will have a two-way door from granny flat and my son will use the same bathroom as he will be in bedroom 2 I was thinking I could add a shower and toilet to the laundry and block up the laundry exterior door. I would need to add a notice to this side of the house informing people to go around the back of the house.. which is really the front..


Any advice, thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated. If I could add in another living space I'd love to as the current one is far from functional with all the doors/doorways and is dark with the huge awning attached to the house.. budget constraints are a consideration.


Thank you.Floor Plan CP.JPGGarden Block View.JPG





adding a small extension to the house to 

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Community Manager

Re: Renovations and Extension

Hi @Bear1,


A very warm welcome to the Workshop community. Sounds like you have big plans! I'm sure the Workshop community would be more than happy to help along the way. 


Many thanks for sharing the house plans and plenty of detail about what you're proposing. I think one more small piece might assist members to better visualise what you are planning - just scribble on your existing house plan what you are planning to change and share it with the community. Something like this:


Floor Plan Revised.JPG


If you'd like to share some photos, they would also greatly assist members to give more specific advice.


Please let me know if you ever need a hand getting the most from the site. We are looking forward to seeing how you can transform your home.




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