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Size of Power Points ( GPOs, Socket Outlets )

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Size of Power Points ( GPOs, Socket Outlets )

Someone needed to be kept in a job so the humble power point, as I knew it when doing my apprenticeship, had to be given a new name from time to time but has anyone noticed how they are not as user friendly as in the past, they seem to be difficult to turn on.


Given the current units fit on the same plates as older versions, when you plug an appliance in and try to turn it on the rocker doesn't always switch on completely and invariably I will pull the appliance out, turn the switch on then plug the appliance back in.


There is plenty of real estate there to move the switch away from the socket, a case of the new not being as good as the old, anyone else have the same problem or is it just that my fingers are getting fatter as I get older ?


Re: Size of Power Points ( GPOs, Socket Outlets )

I'm with you on this one, manufacturers need to change the lay out of power points, not user friendly at all. i sometimes resort to turning them on or off with the end of a biro or pencil.

Re: Size of Power Points ( GPOs, Socket Outlets )

Thanks for joining in the discussion @nelsonbrewer and a very warm welcome to Workshop. It's great to have you as a member of the community. I'm looking forward to reading about your plans and projects. Please post again soon.



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Re: Size of Power Points ( GPOs, Socket Outlets )

Unfortunately, in these times of enforced restriction of brands put on shelves (yeh, I'm looking at you Bunnings), Clipsal doesn't seem to be available to consumers.

That said, it's a travesty that ANYBODY can buy a powerpoint, switch, &/or cabling etc, with the likelihood that unskilled people can do work that in the past, had to be done (with good reason) by a licensed electrician.

I shouldn't stress, our new wave regulators (politicians) don't have to have any particular qualifications, just the capability that they can instantly morph into an expert in a portfolio that they have no background in.

Rant over.

In my world of integrity, insist that your electrician use Clipsal products, as HPM is rubbish, though they've been around for ages, & the imported stuff is an insurance nightmare, waiting to bite your butt.

Make the change, have things done properly, by qualified tradies.

Re: Size of Power Points ( GPOs, Socket Outlets )

There's no substitute for common sense. Getting someone with an electricians licence to do a job for you doesn't neccessarily mean you are going to get the job done properly or safely. There are many so called tradesmen out there that don't have a clue. There are also plenty of unqualified people that are quite capable of doing a better job themselves.

I've found the problem - it's the interface between the chair and the keyboard!
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Re: Size of Power Points ( GPOs, Socket Outlets )

G'day ToolCollector

My understanding of electrical compliance is that the certified electrician that completes any work, has to give you a "Certificate of Electrical Safety", which is your assurance that his work has been done to regulation standards.

I'd recommend insisting that any electrician that you are negotiating with, be fine to give you a safety certificate on completion, before giving him the go ahead.

Once you have that paperwork in your possession, he is legally duty bound to have done it to standard, or face court charges.

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