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Warning! Integrated lighting is a joke!

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Warning! Integrated lighting is a joke!

If you ever feel yourself even walking near, going to compare, even looking at integrated lighting, slap yourself across the face and walk away immediately!

This product has to be the worst invention since the P76.

Here's my story folks:

As some of you may know, in 2015 I renovated my weekender at Culburra and it all went swimmingly except for the regulation hold ups.

Anyway, my wife went to Bunnings and saw these funky-looking track lights which she duly purchased for the kitchen.

It comes to installation and the sparky asks: "You really want to install these?". Pam said "Yes" and so it was done.

Come the other night we have this big electrical storm, the lights flicker, come back on, except for the integrated lights, which fizzle and die.

It's now January 2018, so I make an assumption that my receipt is MIA. Some retailers give a five year guarantee on these things, but that still doesn't make up the cost of replacement plus the cost of getting a sparky out.

I climb a ladder the next day to see what type of bulb I need to replace. NOOOOO, that ain't gonna happen, these are integrated lights. The WHOLE UNIT has to be replaced!

So we traipse off to Bunnings after consulting with my sparky who advises us to buy the regular type of track lighting with individual LED bulbs.

We get to Bunnings and the salesperson says "I don't know why people buy these, I found out these were duds just after starting work in this section".


Anyway, there's a moral to this story and I think you might just guess what it is.

Customer Service
Customer Service

Re: Warning! Integrated lighting is a joke!



Thanks for your post. I’m sorry that the quality of your purchase did not meet expectations. We will pass your feedback to our merchandise team. 


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