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Expressing creativity through D.I.Y.

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Retired Team Member


Whenever she finishes a D.I.Y. project, Bunnings Workshop member Sandra Diele feels an incredible sense of pride and accomplishment.


There is a feeling of deep satisfaction when transforming or creating something from scratch," Sandra says. "It has your unique fingerprint. Sometimes I look at it and say ‘I made it all by myself!’ I love that you can create an entirely different space in your home by yourself.”


Known as @sandy_d in the Workshop community, Sandra lives in central Victoria with her fiancé David and three young children.


Describing herself as “creative”, Sandra enjoys building furniture and decorating her home. She has a diploma in visual art and also loves to crochet, draw, and paint. Sandra's interests include building furniture and decorating her homeSandra's interests include building furniture and decorating her home


I really don’t sit still and my brain is constantly planning my next project,” she reveals, adding that one of her biggest learnings from her creative journey has been to take her time.


I often get excited to start an idea and rush through it, making several mistakes,” she admits. “I can be a little impatient when I have an idea in mind, but slowing down and not rushing is something I’m still working on.”


Whenever she hits a snag on a project, Sandra goes back to the basics and retraces her steps.


“I stop and stand back from it all. I usually draw what I wanted when I first started the project and then figure out why it hasn’t worked.


"Most of the time it’s because I’ve rushed to finish the project and haven’t measured something correctly or made allowances for material thickness. It’s all part of the learning process so I try not to be too hard on myself.”


Turning a house into a home


Sandra started her D.I.Y. journey after buying her first house.

“Our home was a little rundown and needed a few improvements. David and I would watch ‘how to’ videos and at my request, he started making some furniture. However, he didn’t always have the time to complete projects since he was often busy with work, so I decided to take over.”


Sandra’s first completed D.I.Y. project was a Besser block bench that she built for her backyard. The project was a massive hit among the Workshop community, inspiring several members to make their own. It is currently the most popular outdoor furniture project shared on the site and was the most popular project shared in 2021Sandra's Besser block benchSandra's Besser block bench


Sandra says she has been “blown away” by the project’s popularity.


“When I first shared my build with the community, I thought it was an easy project that anyone could attempt, regardless of their D.I.Y. experience,” she recalls.


“This project was part of my attempt to make my house to look more like a home. I also wanted something to fit into our family budget and using the Besser blocks seemed like the best idea.”


Finding strength in the midst of turmoil

There was no turning back for the 43-year-old, who says the bench project inspired her and gave her confidence to attempt more builds.

Sandra was further encouraged to keep pursuing her D.I.Y. journey by her mum, who was her “best friend and biggest support”.

“When I showed her my bench, she was so proud of me. I told her about my next project, which was a barbecue entertaining area with pergola. She was so excited to see it done. I would send her hourly updates, as you do with your mama, and we planned to have an Easter barbecue at my place.” Sandra's barbecue area with pergolaSandra's barbecue area with pergola

“Unfortunately, my mum passed away suddenly, which was a great shock to my system. I sat in that barbecue area for a while before I finally gathered the strength to complete it.


"I used her kitchen spoons as handles for the barbecue. When Easter arrived, we sat in that space and honoured her memory together as a family. I know she’d be proud of me.” 


Upcycling tips

Sandra has shared several other projects with the Workshop community, including an upcycled tall boy using venetian blinds and a set of upcycled drawers made from a baby change tableUpcycling has become another passion.

“I love the fact that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. I see it as an opportunity to potentially transform something broken into something unique and beautiful. I also love that I can save something from going into landfill. Plus, it helps me save money,” she says.


When asked about her top upcycling tips, Sandra emphasises the importance of knowing your end goal.


“Decide what you want to make from something that you have. Collecting ideas for inspiration, colour scheme and intended purpose will help you get started,” she advises.


She adds that drawing a diagram of the project also helps in visualising its size and in determining the amount of material required. 


Sandra's favourite tools include table saws and lathes. 

"We do have a garage where the big tools are kept. However, I always take everything outside to my backyard to work. This way I can watch the kids," she says. Sandra loves working outdoorsSandra loves working outdoors


The stay-at-home mum proudly adds that her kids also participate in her D.I.Y. projects. "They help by putting random nails on wood. We are all happy with this arrangement, except my grass!"


Leveraging the community’s knowledge


Sandra encourages anyone about to embark on a D.I.Y. project to visit the Bunnings Workshop community.


“Breathe, enjoy the process and ask the Bunnings Workshop community for help. There is a wealth of knowledge at your disposal.”


Sandra recounts she stumbled across Bunnings Workshop by accident while on the Bunnings website. “I actually never knew about Workshop and I was so excited to find it. Not only does it allow you to share your D.I.Y. projects, but it’s also a great platform for asking for help from other experienced members.” 


She adds the Workshop community has been integral in boosting her confidence and reassuring her that she is on the right track when it comes to her projects.


“Now, I’m able to go to Bunnings and get exactly what I need without any assistance. That’s because most of my questions have already been answered by the Workshop community. It helps me feel confident about what I am doing,” she says.


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Many thanks for sharing your wonderful story with us @sandy_d. Very inspiring. We love having you in the community and sharing your creativity.




Amassing an Audience

@Jason Thank you so much. I love being part of the workshop community 😊

Finding My Feet

Wonderful and inspiring work, thank you for sharing your skill and creativity

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hello @vatca


A warm welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community! We're thrilled to have you here, and hope you find our community a great resource for useful D.I.Y. advice and handy tips.

Glad to know you found @sandy_d's story inspiring. You can explore more of her creative work by clicking on her name and checking out her profile. Her apothecary-look cabinet and wooden pendant light using Venetain blinds are among my favourites. 

Are you interested in replicating any of Sandra's projects, or attempting a D.I.Y. project of your own? Let us know if we can assist you in any way. We'd be happy to help. 

A huge welcome to Workshop once again. 




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