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Adjusting toilet height and connector

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Adjusting toilet height and connector

Hi knowledgeable people!

My bathroom floor is being tiled and the builder pulled out a toilet and then it started leaking and is too high, (placed Ceramic tile underlay) for the outlet.

I thought it would be an easy fix with Bunnings adaptable pan connectors but 2nd plumber has said one needs to cut metre/s out of the the pipe out the back thus inflating cost hugely.

The 1st plumber said the same thing until I showed him the Bunnings website with the adapters and now he said he will Supply and install new off-set pan connector, section of 100mm DWV pipe and fittings for 1/3 of the cost as what the 2nd plumber has said needs doing.

You can see what's going on outside when you see two adjacent toilets connected to the drain, (one the old, house = 80+ and the other a newer installment done at least 12-15 years ago). 

There was no leaking until the builder pulled out the old toilet and realised it was now too high. 

???? What's the advice when you see these photos please?



20210225_193322 (1).jpg20210305_131026.jpg



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Bunnings Team Member

Re: Adjusting toilet height and connector

Hi @Maxtiger,


My first thoughts are that the pipe coming out of the wall is at an unfortunate angle. You're dealing with an offset and an unusual angle of approach from the incoming pipe. Do you happen to know what the offset is on the current connector that is leaking? 


It might be a matter of trial and error, but I believe if you cut the pipe back to the wall and attach a Marley Vinidex M & F 100mm 43º Grey PVC M/F Spigot Bend, then an offset connector would have a better chance at fitting. Once the spigot bend is fitted and you have two pipes parallel with each other, you could select the correct offset connector to suit.


Offset connectors join pipes that are parallel to each other but not quite inline. As you've experienced, because of the rubber fitting the waste pipe can have a slight angle to it. However, once that angle becomes too large, they'll start to leak.


Let me mention @redracer01 to see if he has any alternative ideas to offer.




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Re: Adjusting toilet height and connector

Appreciate the ideas, thanks Mitchell!

Cutting everything away seems pretty drastic when there were no leaking problems before.., I know it looks shabby but other fires to put out within the house at the moment. 

Appreciate any advice!


Thanks again M!

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Re: Adjusting toilet height and connector

Hello @Maxtiger 


Just to add to @MitchellMc 's suggestion you can use 2 x 45 degree bends to increase the height of the current exit pipe. You will have to cut a bit of the pipe back to install the additional bends but it will increase the height so that it lines up with the toilets current level. I suggest using a Nucon pan connector a much better seal of the outlet. I've attached pictures below.





Screenshot_2021-03-07 Holman 100mm 45° F-F PVC DWV Plain Bend.pngSee if you can find a NZ equivalent.See if you can find a NZ equivalent.Better over all seal with rubber all around.Better over all seal with rubber all around.There's the NZ equivalent!There's the NZ equivalent!

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Re: Adjusting toilet height and connector

Ok thanks!

Will try and persuade family member with know-how and more skills to install.

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