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Advices for easy bathroom makeover

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Advices for easy bathroom makeover

Hello everyone. This looks like an awesome community and this is my first post. I'm a complete beginner in doing this so please bare with me. 


My partner and I are in the process of purchasing an investment property. This is a 4 bedroom home with 2 bathrooms. The house is old but it's ok. We are hoping to update the bathroom to attract better tenants but we also have a budget around $1000 to 2000. We also have never done anything like this before so the whole process seems scary... We haven't got the exact measurements of the bathrooms but I attached some photos here.


The idea is too keep it simple because we have never done this before. Also, the bathroom doesn't have a window so we are hoping for suggestions to have the bathroom look brighter.


There is 2 plans that we are thinking about:


Plan A (simple?) 

1.Paint the walls so it's not pink

2. Remove the pink shelfs and Install a new vanity unit

3. Put nice tiles and some wall shelves around the bathtub

4. Paint the tub and the washing basin to match colour? 

5. Put a new floor for the shower? And put a nice screen on (don't know how hard this would be)? 


Plan B (much better but it seems too complicated for DIY?) 

1. Remove the bathtub and change it to a shower tub, tile around the tub

2. Remove the shower and replace with a toilet

3. Replace vanity and shelves

4. Repaint the walls





This last photos is a floor plan I sketched from the photos, so the proportions are very vague.


Thanks so much for reading!!

Any suggestions and advices will be greatly appreciated!




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Re: Advices for easy bathroom makeover

Hi @Heidixe,


Welcome to Workshop and congrats on your new purchase. Very exciting! I'm sure the Workshop community will be more than happy to help and are really looking forward to seeing you put your stamp on the property.


Have you seen the bathroom and ensuite makeover recently completed by the @MakeItYours team? The total budget for both rooms was just $4300 so the team focused on what can be done at low cost, including using tile paint rather than re-tiling. I will add the video below and hope that it gives you some ideas and inspiration. 


I will now hand over to our amazing community members to provide their input, but would encourage you to get accurate measurements of the room. They way members like @redracer01 might even be able to mock up a design with their ideas for Plan B.  






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Re: Advices for easy bathroom makeover

Hello Heidixe,


I will go with plan A. As you have stated with your current budget. Painting the bathroom is a fantastic option for a quick affordable make over. I suggest re-grouting the bathroom shower so that it will have that fresh tiled look, without the freshly tiled price tag. Keep the shower tray as is, the colour at the moment may not agree with you but it is functional and is not leaking! The floor tiles look good and I think it will blend in with the bathroom once you paint it white or at least a bright colour to make the room look bigger. Due to budgetary limits adding a toilet will almost cost you your entire budget if not more. Removing current appliances in the bathroom will require either re-tiling or re-plastering gaps left behind by older appliances. The answer is "Yes!" you can paint laminate. So that vanity does not need to be replaced, simply painted over. Option B is still possible, but only if your willing to wait for your budget to go up a bit more. I will post a drawing once time permits. 

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