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Bathroom makeover with Dulux Renovation Range

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Bathroom makeover with Dulux Renovation Range

Completed project.Completed project.Hi friends


Rookie renovater here. I want to makeover our bathroom. We are currently painting the walls but want to paint the tiles and also ideally replace the shower screen and refresh the vanity.


What are my options for doing this cheaply and quickly? I don’t want to replace the vanity but is it possible to replace the countertop without affecting the tiles? 


Same question for the shower, Can the shower screen be replaced without affecting the tiles?


Thank you!






Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: diy bathroom makeover

Hello @arielsturdy


Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community. Thank you so much for joining us and sharing your question about your D.I.Y. bathroom makeover.


Painting bathroom tiles is one of the most affordable ways to refresh your bathroom. I recommend using the Dulux Renovation Range not only can you paint your tiles, but this will also allow you to paint your vanity doors. Looking at your vanity photo, it seems like it is a laminated top. If it is you can use the Dulux Renovation Range to paint your vanity top as well. 


Removing your shower assembly and vanity top without damaging the tiles is difficult. Looking at your shower frame, it has been custom-built to fit over the bath assembly. Having another set built in a different colour may cost you a bit. I suggest painting the shower frame to your preferred colour instead. This will save you time and money on your renovation. It sounds like a fantastic project, any updates you can provide while renovating your bathroom would be much appreciated.


Here are some handy step-by-step guides:



Here is a link for ideas and inspiration: Top 10 most popular bathroom projects


Let me tag our experienced members @craftyhopper and @prettyliving for their recommendations.


If you need more advice or information, please let us know.




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Re: diy bathroom makeover

Hi @arielsturdy 

This is an exciting project and will be transformed with a bit of paint. 
Your vanity set up looks very similar to one I saw on social media. 
A lady used thin wooden slats to create a coastal vibe. Looked pretty simple to do with just glue!
here are some photos:




Re: diy bathroom makeover

Thank you so much for all your advice. I love the look of that vanity @craftyhopper thank You for sharing! Do you know the handle of the person on Instagram or what kind of wood they used to make the strips? 

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Re: diy bathroom makeover

Thanks @EricL this is super helpful! I’ve been looking at the Dulux range so will give it a go! Thank you!

Re: diy bathroom makeover

They used old Ceder blinds slats and ripped them down to size. 
I’d look at staining 3mm marine ply as the chances of having left over blinds is slim. 
The Insta page is house_of_hollingsworth and she has saved the project in stories. 

Re: diy bathroom makeover



To add to @craftyhopper's fantastic suggestion, you could achieve this look using Porta 20 x 8mm 2.4m Tasmanian Oak Square Edge Coverstrap Moulding, and the team in-store could cut it to size for you. That would save you having to cut the strips up yourself.


I'll be looking forward to following along, as this is going to be a fantastic transformation.




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Re: diy bathroom makeover

Hi everyone 


Thank you all for your advice and ideas. I thought I would give you an update on where we got to! 
it took a little longer than planned thanks to lockdown but we are so happy with the result!


Dulux renovation range for floors, wall tiles and vanity.

VJ panelling for above the vanity

mirror from Kmart

Taps & Shower head from The Blue Space

Custom shower screen


We are awaiting custom plantation shutters to be installed so have some temporary frosting on the window at the moment.


Total spend $2500




Re: diy bathroom makeover

That's an absolutely stunning transformation @arielsturdy! I'm so glad you are pleased with the results and rightly so.


Did you have any particular successes or run into any issues along the way? How did you find working with the Dulux Renovation range?


I love your use of the black hardware and the original vanity.


Many thanks for sharing your results. I trust they will provide some fantastic inspiration for other members considering a similar renovation.


Great work.




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Re: diy bathroom makeover

Thanks @MitchellMc 


The renovation range was great. I had some issues early on as the angled brush I had chosen to cut in with had very hard bristles so would definitely recommend a very soft brush. 
I also wouldn’t recommend using painters tape over freshly painted walls as when I peeled it off after painting the floors it peeled some sections off so I had to touch them up, would definitely be better just to be careful and cut in by hand. 

Otherwise it was a pretty simple process. Time consuming and tedious, especially removing all the silicone which was my least favourite part. But the overall process was uncomplicated.

I tried to do some fancy detail on the doors as we discussed earlier in the thread but ran in to issues as once I attached wood or fittings to the doors, it impacted the hinges and the doors couldn’t open. Not a problem I had anticipated so we ended up just painting and they’ve come up well. I still need to put some door knobs on but am waiting for delivery.




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