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Bathroom renovation: It wasn’t always so new and spacious

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Bathroom renovation: It wasn’t always so new and spacious



 New bathroom and roof ready to go


 More demolition work , right wall still to remove 


 Our horrible old shower


 We totally enjoyed this demolition. Still wall near the toilet ( full of termites too) and right closest to right had to go to make the bathroom bigger. 


 lights and ceiling in


 tiled door and water proofing 


 I think the sign said sit all. Painting ceiling 


 New vanity and sheeting up! shower taps installed 


 Nearly there.. Still waiting for glass in


The tiling was so bad I warned people not to look at it , as could cause eye soreness lol

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: It wasn’t always so new and spacious

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @annettespanski. It's amazing to have you join us, and many thanks for sharing this stunning project.


Absolutely WOW! That is just a fantastic transformation. I adore the exposed beams, and that shower space is next level. It must be a real treat to use this bathroom now. No doubt you're delighted with the results.


Did you run into any difficulties or particular successes with this build? I'm sure you'll have plenty of questions from our curious members. I can't wait to see this as part of our Top 10 most popular bathroom renovations.


You've done an outstanding job, and many thanks for sharing once again. I can't wait to see what project you tackle next.


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Re: It wasn’t always so new and spacious

Thank you for acknowledging our efforts we had no intention at that point in time, to renovate the  down stairs bath room. However when we  found out that we had structural engineers ( termites) happy chomping on load bearing studs. Omg! 
The main beam in the ceiling Carries a lot of weight from up stairs. My husband made 100x 75 steel posts to support the beam and carry the weight from up stairs. From there we just built the bathroom around the beam , no plan. The perpetual beams to the main beam were just an after thought and don’t carry any weight at all. We love the end result and thanks once again  for your feedback. What until you see your shed and backyard. 🙏

Re: It wasn’t always so new and spacious

Looks terrific. Many thanks for sharing plenty of photos and detail @annettespanski. I'm sure your renovation will inspire other community members.


Thanks again,




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