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Cannot connect tap to washing machine

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Cannot connect tap to washing machine

Hi all, We have a problem with connecting our washing machine to the cold water outlet. The drain pipe is blocking, and there is no way to hammer the cold water outlet to position. would there be any converter we could purchase to mitigate this problem please? tried buying something from Bunnings but it didn’t fit, plus Bunnings is currently closed to public except for tradies, so we are unable to go in and trial and error.
The washing machine hose is supposed to be connected to the cold water outlet which is on the right. We initially connected it to the hot water (left) unknowingly and realised it wasn’t good for our clothes. Ps; we have just moved into our new place, hence the unfamiliarity. thank you in advance for your advice!



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Bunnings Team Member

Re: Cannot connect tap to washing machine

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @Fighterking99. It's great to have you join us and many thanks for your question.


There are a few options I can see working in this situation. The first would be to change the direction at which the connection of the valve is facing to avoid the waste pipe. This would involve removing the valve and using the correct amount of thread tape to allow it to seal at the red line position in the first picture below. The valve could potentially be adjusted without the need for additional thread tape by simply taking a wrench and unscrewing it slightly. It looks like a quarter turn anti-clockwise would be enough for your hose to miss the waste pipe. It may start leaking if you need to undo it too far. You might, unfortunately, find this creates an issue that the flexible pipe already attached to it no longer reaches.


The second option would be to use two Kinetic 20mm Brass Male / Female Threaded Elbow as in the second picture below. The combination of the two elbows could potentially offset the outlet enough to bypass the waste pipe. You'll also need Kinetic 12mm x 10m White Standard Thread Seal to seal the thread on these fitting when installing.


And the last option would be to install a Kinetic Add-A-Tap Y Fitting 20mm Male/20mm Male/20mm Female Thread on the valve which should angle the fitting away from the waste pipe. You would need to blank off the unused outlet with a Kinetic 20mm Chrome Flat Threaded Cap. You'll also need Kinetic 12mm x 10m White Standard Thread Seal to seal the thread on these fitting when installing.


As you have mentioned, this is really something that would need you to try a couple of different options with some trial and error. I understand that is difficult as you can't go into stores, so I thought I'd provide you with a few alternatives. I'd try these in the order I have placed them. Start by adjusting the angle and if that isn't an option I'd suggest the two right-angled elbows.


Let me also mention the ever-helpful @redracer01 who has a knack for solving difficult plumbing related questions.


Please let me know if you need further assistance or had questions.









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