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D.I.Y. arch mirror shaving cabinet

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D.I.Y. arch mirror shaving cabinet

I used a $30 arch mirror from Bunnings as the main component in this project to create a stylish and unique shaving cabinet. The shaving cabinet is a practical and esthetic storage solution for any bathroom. I made 3, 2 for my ensuite and 1 for our powder room :smile:


Step 1


First, I devised a plan of measurements that would fit the arch mirror. 600mm x 950mm 

Cut list 

2 x 146mm x 575mm

2 x 146mm x 568 mm

Back panel 543 x 568mm


Step 2


Using a mitre saw or table saw with a blade suitable to cut melamine (you can also add tape along your cut line to reduce tear away), I cut all the pieces to size

Step 3


I used corner clamps to create the box, and with pilot holes and chipboard screws, I screwed it together.


As long as it is squared, you can add your back panel. TIP: If it doesn't fit perfectly, you can always sand down the edges of melamine and gap-fill the corners for a seamless finish. 

Step 4


I added tape and then traced around the mirror onto melamine and cut the arch shape using a jig saw and the right blade for melamine. 

Step 5


Using an iron and melamine edge banding I followed the direction, and I found using a Stanley knife and 240 grit sand paper to clean up the edges worked better than the fancy tool.  

Step 6


Optional step! 

This was my first time working with melamine, and it wasn't the professional finish I wanted, so I decided to paint the melamine to cover up imperfections. I first used BIN Primer and then Dulux aquanamel in semi-gloss.



Step 7


After figuring out where I wanted the hinges to sit and where I wanted the mirror to sit above the basin, I followed the directions on the hinge package. I had a hinge jig which made this step easier. 

Step 8


I followed the directions on the liquid nails and glued the mirror to the melamine arch, and prayed that it held 😕

Step 9


I installed the mirror after it had cured and fiddled around with the hinges to get everything aligned, and TA-DA, it is DONE!

.... well I still need to add a shelf. I bought these clips, so it should be an easy install.

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Re: D.I.Y. arch mirror shaving cabinet

Congratulations on another terrific project, @Banyoabode! You've devised a functional and stylish shaving cabinet to maximise storage in your bathroom. A neat solution to a common problem that I'm sure will inspire many members.


What was your biggest learning from this project? Anything you would have done differently? 


Well done once again and I can't wait to see what you tackle next.




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Re: D.I.Y. arch mirror shaving cabinet

Thank you Akanksha. 

I am use to working with wood so using melamine was different. You potentially could use plywood and then paint it. That is something I would consider if I did this project again. 


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