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How do I get around low water pressure?

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How do I get around low water pressure?

Hi - we are in a rented house with low water pressure. Are there any shower heads that can improve water pressure?


Community manager's note: Check out How to change a shower head for expert advice.

Re: How do I get around low water pressure

Thanks @MitchellMc.

I went through couple of them but I am not convinced with reasons for the huge quotes given.

Both of them had a look inside and outside house but never under the house.

the reasons given were build up in pipe, issue with Alignment of pipes and needs to be replaced completely.

The seller from whom I bought last year told the issue is only from last few years and they didn’t bother to get it checked as only 2 of them lived in the house. 
As you suggested, I need to find someone who spends couple of hours before pointing out the exact problem. 
appreciate any references. Thanks

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Re: How do I get around low water pressure

Hi @approachmhn,

The likely reason the pressure in the plumbing system is so low is because of restrictions in the pipework.

This could be caused by limescale, what can often happen is that bits of this scale break up and get jammed in elbows and the backs of taps, reducing the available pressure

One way to investigate this would be to turn off the water supply, drain the pipes and header tank (if you have one), gently remove one of the affected taps and feed a small diameter, flexible snake into the pipe and see what comes out, this may even remove some of the restrictions in there.

This, I feel is the only way I can see of investigating this any further.

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