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How to go about replacing damaged kickboard

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How to go about replacing damaged kickboard

20210201_112413.jpgI totally have no idea how to go about replacing or fixing this damaged laundry cabinet kickboard (I think that's what it's called). I have not done any work of this nature. If I remove them (with the intention of replacing), will there be any structure supporting the cabinet so it won't collapse on me? I can't see any nail or screw holding the kickboard either. Are they glued?


Is there another way to fix this?

Totally ignorant newbie needs help


NB: Called local cabinetry place but doesn't appear to be interested in small job


Re: How to go about replacing damaged kickboard

First thing first clean up your water spills off the floor and then you wouldn’t have had this problem to begin with. 
Looks like old school Kickbox the carcass would be screwed somewhere in the wall and the carcass could be screwed down to the Kickbox as well the only really way to fix this if there’s no plastic legs hold ing the cupboard up is to remove the whole cupboard and replace the whole kicker cause the damage will go beyond just wear the faces if there’s no plastic legs. 

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Re: How to go about replacing damaged kickboard

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @macs. It's great that you've joined us, and many thanks for contributing to the discussion.


Fantastic tip on cleaning up water spills off bathroom floors, as often cabinetry is not sealed with laminate on the bottom edge. You'll be happy to know that @Nerissa successfully repaired the damaged portion of their cabinet, and I trust they would be happy to share some tips on how they went about doing so.


You're obviously very knowledgeable, and I'm sure you have plenty of experience to share with everyone. In return, you'll find tonnes of inspiration contributed by our clever and creative members for your own projects. We look forward to seeing what projects you have going on around your own home and garden.




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