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Laundry, toilet and hallway refresh

Kind of a Big Deal

Laundry, toilet and hallway refresh

Good afternoon Workshop Community Friends. I would like to share with you my laundry, Toilet, Hallway refresh. I’m a Gardener not an interior design person so it’s nothing special. But I am happy with the way it looks and feels. Ok , bear with me and I’ll try to explain it. Just so you know and I will keep sharing my refresh projects throughout our home, especially for DIY Beginners out there like me that thought I couldn’t do it.
As always I would like to thank the Workshop team and members for giving me great advice, support and encouragement. So here we go. 

House 1994

Laundry , Toilet and Hallway needed a refresh.  


This is before photo , clutter, vertical blinds falling off and using wire to attach them again, ceiling water stains and walls stained and scuffed badly. Pretty much movement cracks throughout. I had water damage on the walls from the shower, seeping through the grout. I fixed that problem with the advice from the team. 

Nearly 30 years old. Time to sort it out. 




And this is after. Clutter GONE. Moved the dryer over to make space for a Broom Cupboard. Ceiling and walls painted. And good bye vertical blinds 😆 it is so much easier to keep tidy and clean. Heaps more natural light. Feels like more space now if that makes sense. I’ll walk you through the steps. 






Zinsser 1 2 3 Undercoat.

Dulux kitchen and bathroom Ceiling White .

Dulux kitchen and bathroom wash and wear - Colour - Lexicon Half. 

Painters Tape 

Cutting in brush


Roller extension pole 

roller tray 

small bucket for cutting in


sugar soap 



safety glasses 

cleaning cloths 


Selleys Rapid Spakfilla 

Selleys No More Gaps 

Caulking gun

drop sheets

multi purpose scraper tool thing

spray bottle with dish detergent for caulking 

dusting broom


Step  ladder

Broom Cupboard 600mm


Everything I purchased from Bunnings as always.

The blinds are from another company and I had them installed. 




Cordless drill for the broom cupboard and removing the dryer 


Step 1


 I removed the wall shelves, too much clutter. My young bloke helped me remove the dryer from the wall as it was too heavy and bulky for me to remove. I removed the curtain valance I think you call it, 30 years of dust buildup behind it never again. 
I dusted down the ceilings and walls. 
Washed them with Selleys Sugar soap. 

Then filled all the holes with the Selleys Spakfilla. I then filled the movement cracks between ceiling and walls. I used my multi purpose scraper tool to remove a lot of loose plaster from the cracks and filled in with Selleys No More Gaps. Wiped them down again with the duster and then wiped with a damp cloth again. 

Please make sure to wear a mask , gloves and safety glasses. 



 There are so many photos I have but I don’t want to overdo it.

Step 2



Now all the cracks and holes were dealt with i had to wash the ceiling with sugar soap as it was dusty and dirty. I used a mop. The ceiling had water stains and the walls were so badly stained and scuffed marks everywhere. Filled in all the gouges on the walls. I put painters tape throughout to protect the tiles, trim , skirting boards ect.

Step 3

I used Zinsser Bullseye 123 as the under coat for both the ceilings and walls. It works great for the heavy stains BUT also works well with the old paint peeling from the shower grout seepage. I scraped the peeling old paint, sanded it down, wiped dust with damp cloth. Then added the undercoat. 

I painted the Ceilings first with Dulux Kitchen and Bathroom Ceiling Paint for the added protection against mould ect. I used it in both bathrooms, toilet and laundry. 



Step 4




  All the walls in the laundry, toilet, hallway and even the two bathrooms are painted with Dulux Wash and Wear Kitchen and Bathroom, low sheen. Colour is Lexicon Half. I absolutely love the colour as it changes colour during the day and night. 

Step 5


 Ok painting done, hubby helped me move the dryer above the washing machine and drill new holes in the wall to hang it up. 
Now the broom cupboard….. 

We purchased a 600mm one door broom cupboard from Bunnings 


Step 6







 I had my hubby help me with this as you do need a second person to help holding the pieces together while you are assembling it. 
The instructions were good to follow. 
We had a YouTube video of how to assemble it which was fantastic. A team member named Donna from a Bunnings store. Very helpful. Love the Bunnings YouTube videos !!!!!!!!!!

We assembled the cupboard inside and used the boxes they came in to work on so we didn’t damage any of the pieces. 

Step 7





 With the broom cupboard being so tall, just take care moving it around and also we attached a safety chain on the top of the cupboard and bolted it to the wall. 

We are happy with the refresh, well overdue. You have no idea how happy I am to see the vertical blinds GONE. 

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Laundry, Toilet, Hallway refresh

Hi @mich1972 


Those roller blinds really make a difference! I'm in total agreement with you, I'm not a big fan of vertical blinds it always looks disorganized. Your revamp has refreshed the area, and everything is nice crisp and clean again. You're really becoming a paint expert now and nothing says precision like masking tape. It's a fantastic revamp and the best part is that you guys did all by yourselves. 


Again, thank you for sharing such a wonderful project.




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Kind of a Big Deal

Re: Laundry, Toilet, Hallway refresh

Thank you Eric !!!!! Really appreciate it 😂 I’ll share the living room and show you what I did there !!

Kind of a Big Deal

Re: Laundry, Toilet, Hallway refresh

Eric can I are you please. I was trying to find some information about painting over glossy doors ? The doors look yucky now and would like to find out more information on how to change them 😊

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Laundry, Toilet, Hallway refresh

Hi @mich1972,


I presume you are referencing the room doors. If so, you can just dull the gloss sheen with 180-grit sandpaper and then coat them with Dulux Max Adhesion Primer. This saves you from sanding the doors right back and removing all the gloss paint. Once the primer is dry, you can over-coat it with a water-based enamel, like Dulux Aquanamel. Here's a helpful step-by-step guide: How to paint a door.


Please let me know if you have any questions.




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Re: Laundry, Toilet, Hallway refresh

Yes definitely the room doors !! 😂 I was hoping you had a post I can read about it. Thank you @MitchellMc 

Kind of a Big Deal

Re: Laundry, toilet and hallway refresh

Afternoon @mich1972 

Thats a much nicer laundry area :smile: You have lifted it up for sure. I "dislike" verticle blinds a lot and by dislike I mean hate lol  (Yes i have green ones at home!) Its amazing how just changing the curtain styling can change a room. 

SO many holes to patch and fill :smile: ahhh the sanding would have been fun!

You have put in a fair effort!

Never too many photos I think lol (Tho I dont post all my photos either :surprised: )





Kind of a Big Deal

Re: Laundry, toilet and hallway refresh

Thanks Dave 😃 is there such a thing as green vertical blinds…..🤭🤭🤭

Kind of a Big Deal

Re: Laundry, toilet and hallway refresh

Morning @mich1972 

Believe me theer are lol I can give them to you if you want? Bahahahahah :smile: They were there when I moved in over a decade ago and are still there! They are a "one day" I will get to it job...



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Re: Laundry, toilet and hallway refresh

I really love what you did here @mich1972. Your laundry is a similar shape to mine. Not quite a wide enough space to have the washer and dryer next to each other.  I think you've made good use of the gap with that broom cupboard. Thank you for sharing your process.

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