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Many thoughts fighting : Bathroom reno

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Many thoughts fighting : Bathroom reno

Hello Everyone,

I am new in Bunnings workshop community.

Me and my wife trying to renovate our bathroom in budget in our ways because this reno story started with small crack then go worse in our shower base and bathtub.


Also from long time we were planing to do renovations bit by bit. but one and another responsibilities comes. Now this pandemic teach us like you have only one life, for sure take the responsibilities and fulfil it but also fulfil your dreams as well.  

Finally we did started. Some items we already bought but some still pending on progress can say....



Problems are : start with

1. Shower Area :- I am going to add some pics so you guys get idea about shower base area. I did remove some plaster, tiles which you guys can see also base and under that is a whole. My old shower is 900mmx900mm. I want to upgrade in size and style so I bought 900 x 1200mm frameless sliding door shower screen.

Q 1 : howmuch cost is for fill up that whole ?  if I decide to go for tiling and if i go for shower base then howmuch cost?

# we ( me and my wife ) are still browsing for tiles just because we have different choices in start . so after we decide I let you know guys.


2. Vanity Area :- For vanity we have idea in our mind but we don't have a knowledge how we reach there. we are trying and now we got some references what we want but we stuck how we do that in our budget please help us.

90% we are decided our vanity (cabinet only) but we want top in timber with only 20% to 30% resin.

Frosted resin epoxy if I am not wrong. this is the name. you can see in the pic.

Vanity size we need max L700mm x W450mm max and H not sure because we planing for wall hung vanity - cabinet only from Bunnings, waiting for colour options. our basin size is L400mm x W360mm x H150mm. which we already bought. thats is a river stone basin.


So my plan to do change everything slowly slowly because of budget.   

At present we are doing our homework & getting other stuffs then I am going to discuss further about other things like bathroom tiles, floor Tiling, taps & fixers, Bathtub, lights, exhaust ( most because I did change many times )  and etc.


Please Guys help us in this project...

Photos :-

01 shower screen area pic


02 Vanity area pic IMG_8042.jpg





04 bath tub to blank wall area pic


05 Resin frost colour ref. (highlight area) pic




If you guys need anything more from my side to give proper guidance please let me know.

Now eagerly waiting for responses

Thanks Ck.




Budding Contributor

Re: Many thoughts fighting : Bathroom reno

Hey Mitchell,

Yes for sure.

In latest update is I removed vanity as well so now might I need some time to make vanity which we are trying to make by ourself,

Let hope it turns up good.


Thanks Ck.


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