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New tiling around toilet suite

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New tiling around toilet suite

Nearly died when I saw this!Nearly died when I saw this!


We recently replaced our toilet suite and ran into a problem with the floor tile. I thought the new toilet would cover the old tiles, but we ended up with gaps between the tiles, and it was so ugly. I got a couple of quotes from tilers, and it was going to cost 300-450 dollars to replace. I decided to have a go at it myself, and it turned out pretty good. It looks neat and tidy now, and it only cost me 20-30 dollars to do. The first part is to remove the old tiles around the base. Once that is done, you will need the following to repair the area.


  • Davco Base Tile Adhesive
  • Davco Grey Grout
  • Tile cutting wheel for Grinder
  • Clamps and piece of cloth
  • Spare tiles

1) Mark the tiles; watch this youtube video at the 2.23min mark. It is the best method I have seen to trace a matching arch on tiles...just brilliant.


2) Securely fix the tile onto a support (i.e. concrete paver). I also had a piece of cloth underneath the tile to absorb the vibrations to prevent the tile from cracking.


3) Use the Grinder and slowly cut through the tile following the markings. Fit the tile into position and, if needed, trim around the edges for a neat fit and finish. When you are happy with the fit, add adhesive, wait to set overnight and grout the next day.



Trim the edges for a nicer fit and finish if requiredTrim the edges for a nicer fit and finish if requiredAll done!All done!Take it slow and wear glassesTake it slow and wear glassesTools you will need, the Grinder was black and decker, nit sure if they sell these anymore.Tools you will need, the Grinder was black and decker, nit sure if they sell these anymore.All doneAll doneNot bad for a noviceNot bad for a noviceHappy days!Happy days!



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Re: Tiling around Toilet Suite

Hello @Nham 


Top notch tiling skills! Excellent finish!




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Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Tiling around Toilet Suite

What an outstanding job you've done there @Nham!


Many thanks for including the detailed instructions and images. I trust they will provide our members with the confidence to achieve a similar result themselves.


Great work.




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