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Rain Shower convert to hand held Shower

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Rain Shower convert to hand held Shower

Morning fellow DIY's


I have a bathroom with rain shower only coming off the ceiling. Seem like a great idea at first, but now not so. Prefer the option of having both rain shower and hand held shower especially with a lil one.


How can i convert the shower for dual usage without hacking the walls to fit the hand held. 


Currently the plumbing is from the roof connected to a rain shower as below. Any advise and likely cost is much appreaciated

Thanks in advance

shower head.jpg

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Rain shower convert to hand held shower

Hi @ManDhanoa,


Welcome to the Workshop community. We trust you will receive loads of helpful advice and inspiration for your home improvement projects from our clever and creative community members. Feel free to post anytime you need a hand with anything.


Have you spoken to a plumber as yet for this project?




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Re: Rain shower convert to hand held shower


Interesting idea.
Proper way-
Diverter $74 to $499
Hand shower $19.90 to $388
Plumbing cost and any patching of holes unknown.

What some people would call industrial...
Hand shower $19.90+
Chrome tee $8.28
Chrome stop cocks X 2 $13.14 each
Chrome nipple if required $4.13 each
Thread tape $0.78
Plumber would probably laugh at you.
If you could reach the stop cocks to change over when required it will look like an ordinary job at best.

Cheap and cheerful.
If your vanity spout has a screw in aerator an adaptor kit $7.56 will give you the fittings to connect a hand shower that can be removed once your finished using it. Not all basin sets have the thread, I lucked out so I was going to epoxy a thread on till things changed at home.

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Re: Rain Shower convert to hand held Shower

Hi, I have the same problem. Did you find a solution, I would be very interested if you did . Please reply with solution, many thanks

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Rain Shower convert to hand held Shower

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @Charlie53. It's great to have you join us, and many thanks for your question.


Let me mention @ManDhanoa to see if they found a solution to converting a rain head shower to handheld.


As @Brad has mentioned above, the only way I can think of to install a handheld shower is to connect a tee valve fitting where the shower head connects to the upright. You could potentially use a fitting similar to the Kinetic 15 x 15mm Chrome Plated Double Mini Cistern Stop Tap. However, you'd need to remove your rain shower head and check to see what thread pattern and size the fittings are. You'd also need to manually turn the water flow from the rain shower head to the hand shower when needed.


My mother is currently trying to do the same thing in her bathroom and has resorted to having a plumbing re-route pipework to the wall and installing the hand shower there.


Let me mention @redracer01 to see if he has any ideas.




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Re: Rain Shower convert to hand held Shower

Hello @ManDhanoa 


Attached below are my suggestions for this particular issue. It's not the flashiest but it will solve the current dilemma of the rain head diversion. This is more a semi permanent solution without having to tear the whole place apart. Very affordable and easy to do. I hope it works for you. Good luck and stay safe. In the last set of instructions I say you should use a male iron adapter ignore that and just use a female one since you will be putting on a brass nipple.





ManDhanoaPlumb1.jpgManDhanoaPlumb2.jpgManDhanoaPlumb3.jpgScreenshot_2021-02-26 Holman 15mm x 1 2 Female Iron Adaptor.pngScreenshot_2021-02-26 Holman 15mm 90° PVC Elbow.pngScreenshot_2021-02-26 Holman 15mm x 1m Class 18 PVC Pipe.pngScreenshot_2021-02-26 Estilo WELS 3 Star 9L min 3 Function Hand Shower.png 

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