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Replacing shower head with twin

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Replacing shower head with twin

Hi all I’m wanting to attempt to replace my current shower head with the metheven twin Krome one and it mentions in there about water I need to waterproof around connection with anything other than plumber tape stuff and do I need to waterproof the drill holes with silicone or anyhing?  First timer so any other advice helpful. 

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Bunnings Team Member

Re: Replacing shower head with twin

Welcome to the Workshop community @nkray. Many thanks for your question I'd be happy to answer it for you.


I have spoken to Methven and they have advised no additional waterproofing is necessary apart from the plumber's tape on the connection.  As an extra precaution, you might like to apply a small amount of Selleys 80g All Clear Multipurpose Sealant on the surfaces where the mounting brackets meet the tiles.


If you need further advice or have other questions, please let me know.




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