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Resurfacing a spa bath

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Resurfacing a spa bath

Hello This is my very first post after stumbling across the Workshop while looking on the Bunnings site. I am excited about the future in anticipation. I am looking at doing some basic improvements over the next year or so as I will be putting my house on the market. My home is okay at the moment but I feel it just needs a bit of sprucing up. In this post I wanted to get some advice about resurfacing my corner spa bath. Just as an introduction to my home, when we bought it was basically every wall, trim, tap, light switches  ,etc were and mostly still is Cream, cream and more cream! We haven't changed much over the 12 yrs here. I have started the bathroom makeover. I have replaced the lovely cream vanity with the equally beautiful pink top and cream basin with a nice shiny white vanity. I painted the cream walls white but I now have decided to paint the walls grey as the existing tiles have a grey swirl and all the grout is grey. I also replaced the cream taps with chrome ones. I replaced the cream plastic double towel rails with chrome ones. I just wanted to ask if anyone has been successful in doing their own resurfacing work. I would really like to change the spa to white. Like all the surfaces in my bathroom the spa bath is in excellent condition no marks or wear and tear at all. I did consider getting rid of it and just putting in a normal size bath but the existing tiles are in such great condition I think I will leave them alone and besidesThe spa and yes it's cream!The spa and yes it's cream!The old vanity !!The old vanity !!my shiny new vanitymy shiny new vanitythe corner spa baththe corner spa bath I don't think I could get the same wall and floor tiles now if I had to replace some. What do you think?

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Re: Resurfacing a spa bath

@elly1 - you can definitely do it, just have to not be in a rush for the latest “look”. I’ve been bashing away at my laundry for 2 months, to be followed by the kitchen and bathroom. I take this as an extreme excuse to avoid any kind of cleaning, it’s not worth doing, because I just keep creating mess. I keep the lounge and my electronic devices clean, visitors just have to deal with it 😂 

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