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Should we secure the bath to the floor?

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Should we secure the bath to the floor?

Quick question we are in the middle bathroom Reno’s and we have purchased a free standing bath. My question is ‘Do people secure these by fixing to floor or does everyone leave them as free standing baths? 8F6567C1-FAE2-42F7-A4F1-523372E88BA2.png

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Re: Should we secure the bath to the floor?

Hi Sarah (@Sez


Apologies that you haven't yet received a reply from the Workshop community. Let me give you post a bump and tag some of our keen renovators and members with plumbing experience such as @2Belindas@ProjectPete@LePallet@Darren, and @redracer01.


Let me also extend an overdue welcome to the Workshop community. It was great to see you introduce yourself to the community and share some photos of your new house. This must be such a busy but exciting time for you renovating your first house. Congratulations! Feel free to post whenever you need a hand with anything, or just have a new project that you'd like to share. 




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Re: Should we secure the bath to the floor?

Love a good freestanding bath @Sez :love:

I got this installed in my new place (couldnt find a full size pic on hand)



In short - yes, it should be fixed to the floor to prevent movement. Note - I'm not a plumber so I'm not the expert however I did ask about this when my bath was being installed and was told there are different ways to achieve this. 

  • Silicone the levelling feet or other appropriate points on the underside of the bath to the floor.
  • Fix timber blocks to the floor in places that will prevent movement when the bath is placed over it.

You may even find the bath you chose has hooks on the flat edge so if installing against a wall, you could install some anchors and hook the bath on like you would a picture frame.


With water in the bath, there's really no risk of movement as you've got the weight of the bath, 1kg of water per litre in the bath, plus of course gravity.


Hope this helps.

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Re: Should we secure the bath to the floor?

It depends if its stone or a more lightweight material.  If its stone can just sits on the tiles.  The only thing attached is the floor waste. 

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