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Do you prefer an under-mounted or flush-mounted kitchen sink?

undermount.pngI love the clean look of under-mount but top-mount can be more suited to certain styles. Cleaning wise I can't see either being any more beneficial except the fact the undermount has less area exposed so will be ever so slightly easier. - ProjectPete


We went with under-mounted for the clean look when we did our reno almost 10 years ago. It's very easy to keep clean and we would certainly do it again. We have stone so you do have to be a little careful when washing big pots so that you don't chip the stone pulling them in or out, particularly on the corners. But we've certainly banged it plenty of times without incident - it still looks great. Our second sink almost permanently has a dish drainer in it which we find very convenient. - Jason


My sister recently installed one of the undermounted exposed kitchen sinks in her place. To be honest, at first I really didn't like it. It's such a different look and really draws your eye to the sink. I have come around to it though and I believe they're becoming more and more popular. - aly


I haven't been a big fan of the farmhouse look but I do really like this one. - Isobel


I love farmhouse sinks and would love to add one to the kitchen and maybe the laundry too. I love the look of them but I have heard mixed reviews about their practicality. I've read that dishes get damaged more easily and often, they can stain and are prone to chipping. I really like the look of the sinks and they would be perfect for our Victorian style home. - Gwandalan_Tales


Personally I think they're impractical. It's just one large sink. Remember the days when we thought a double sink was just the "bee's knees"? Well my opinion of that hasn't changed. With a double sink you can put dirty dishes in one side and wash in the other. In the house I bought recently, it has one sink and I hate it! The next job will be to put in a double! - Prof


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