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How do you clean a glass shower door?

Squeegee.jpgTo clean a glass shower door, I suggest using Simple Green Shower Glass Restorer.


It will remove soap scum, dirt, hard water build-up, calcium and lime stains.


I'd also encourage you to keep a Sabco Soft Grip Rubber Window Squeegee close by the shower.


You can then give the glass a quick wipe over once you are done with showering as often as possible. - MitchellMc

I've got something like this and it works a treat. You can pick one up at most hardware stores - maybe even at a supermarket or $2 shop. It's also best to scrape the glass down every couple of times you shower. That way you don't have a whole lot of grimy soap build-up when you go to clean it properly.


I only use spray when I give the bathroom a proper clean and I go for Shower Power. My one tip when using it would be to make sure the room is well ventilated. It's really potent! - Jackson

I have a small shower squeegee that I leave in the shower and give the glass a quick clean a couple of times a week. I also use glass cleaner and give the panel a good wipe with a paper towel or cloth every few weeks too. - aly


Cheapest cleaner is to dilute vinegar, put it in a spray bottle & label it. If doing a first clean of grimy glass, use a non-scratch scourer and a stiff bristle brush for the grout and tiles. To make it easy on yourself, use liquid soap when showering, it doesn't form that mould promoting soap scum.


If you just want to wipe down the cubicle at any time, I highly recommend micro-fibre cloths, a smooth one for glass, & a napped one for the rest. - Andy_Mann

I swear by the CLR Kitchen and Bathroom Cleaner. Have tried the home remedies and other cleaners. The only problem is that it doesn't smell very nice so make sure you open a window. - darylhewston

To stop scum and residue build up all together don’t use cake soap, use liquid soap / body wash. But if you already have residue build up, simply water and use a 'Magic Eraser' sponge, available at Bunnings. - JoJoTested

Having an Impact

After cleaning my bathroom glass I am left with this white shape shadow.

This was cleaned with glass cleaner, soft cloth and a light scrubber.


When it dries it is ok but I find that this is the result whenever I clean glass


Can you tell me why?

White shapesWhite shapes

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Hello @Kvic 


What you're seeing on your glass is mineral or scale buildup. These minerals actually come from the water and settle on the glass surface. I suggest using Glitz Green 2L Cleaning Vinegar along with Glitz 1kg Green Bi-Carb Cleaner.


Here are the general steps to cleaning:


  • Step one : get the shower screen wet
    To start, dampen the glass shower by using a shower sprayer or splashing water on it using a bucket.


  • Second Step: Apply vinegar to the shower screen.
    Next, fill a spray bottle with vinegar and generously spray it onto the glass shower and shower door. Allow the vinegar to sit for approximately 20 minutes or longer if there is a significant amount of buildup.


  • Third Step: Clean the shower screen with baking soda.
    Take a sponge and dip it into sodium bicarbonate, then use it to scrub the shower screen. The vinegar will dissolve the soap scum, while the baking soda acts as a gentle abrasive.


  • Fourth Step: Rinse the shower screen.
    Once you have scrubbed the shower screen thoroughly and it appears clean, rinse it with fresh water.


  • Fifth Step: Dry the shower screen using a microfiber cloth.
    Using a dry cloth, carefully dry the shower screen, and complete the cleaning process by spraying glass cleaner onto the trims.

Although hard water does not pose a health risk, it can cause damage to your bathtubs, sinks, and showers. Water is classified as hard when it contains elevated levels of magnesium (Mg) and calcium (Ca) minerals. These minerals create a residue on your household fixtures upon contact with the hard water. If this residue is allowed to accumulate, it eventually forms a tough, crusty layer.


In order to reduce the chance of a buildup, always use a squeegee to remove any water on your shower screen door and panels. 


Please remember to wear personal protection such as gloves and goggles when using any cleaning chemicals in your bathroom.


If you need further assistance, please let us know.




Having an Impact

All the other suggestions definitely work.  Some etching will occur if chemical cleaners have been used. 

Our absolute 100% no fail method is use a squeegee after showering and once a month wipe white spirits over, shower, tiles, tap ware, mirrors etc and then wipe off with a soft cloth. You will never have scum build up. 

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