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How do you fix a shelf in place to stop movement?

slippery_shelf.jpgI recommend drilling stay channels in the shelf to prevent them from moving forwards or backward.


You'll need a drill, drill bit and a craft knife to modify the shelf.


Place the shelf back into the cabinet and mark the position of the shelf pins with a pencil. Use your drill to drill a hole above the mark you made with a pencil. Cut the melamine with your craft knife to open up the channel.


I've placed a sketch below to give you an idea of how to position the cutouts on your shelf. - EricL




You could also try Velcro tape or Velcro dots on your shelves to stick them to the back of your cabinet. You might first want to try sticking a small piece of the tape to an inconspicuous part of the cabinet to make sure that it doesn't damage the finish of the cabinet when you pull it off. - BradN


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