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Backyard shed to studio transformation

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Trusted Contributor

An old backyard shed with broken windows and a leaking roof was transformed into a funky studio perfect for working from home.





The project


I was organising my photos over the weekend and stumbled across our shots for a project at our old inner city house.


When we bought it, there was a grungy old brick shed in the small paved backyard that had an outdoor loo and climber all over it.


It was dark and dingy with broken windows and a broken door.


It was even pretty useless as a storage shed as the roof leaked - it just had various bits of old unsecured tin (and even bits of cardboard!) as a roof. 




We wanted to use it as a backyard studio/office space so wanted to make it a lot lighter and more pleasant inside, add a sink and some storage space.


First we opened up the front so we could install some sliding doors.




Opening up the side with glass and sliding door was a great move for a reasonably small space like this. It made it feel so much lighter and brighter, and was particularly handy in summer.




Then we added a pitched roof to make things more spacious inside. A pitched roof would also allow us to have a loft-style storage space over the separate toilet.




Having the high pitched roof on a relatively small structure was a great move to make it feel more spacious and add precious storage.




After painting the bricks, we added a few finishing touches like simple curtains and a step using some of the old bricks. We were really happy with the finished result. It was a very cheap transformation but really increased the value of the house for us (and hopefully the future owners, too).


In inner-city places space is always at a premium so it was great to have a large and separate home office. It was also a space that was very cool in summer and easy to warm in winter.  


Before and after







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