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Bathroom makeover with upcycled cabinetry and painting

Cultivating a Following
Cultivating a Following


This bathroom renovation on a budget included painting, upcycled cabinetry and installing a new shower screen.




The project


I took on the challenge of giving my bathroom a facelift. Here are the details of what I did to renovate this space.




  • Removed hardware


  • Filled in old holes using Knead It Multipurpose Putty


  • 42 x 11 Pine cut to size and adhered to existing cabinets using Selleys Liquid Nails


  • Filled joins using Selleys No More Gaps in white


  • New hinges were required to allow my doors to function properly with the added thickness. I used Hafele 165 degree hinges


  • Primed using Dulux Renovation Range Primer


  • Painted a top coat using British Paints H20 Enamel in Dulux Moorland


  • Kaboodle antique bow handles in matte black.


Wall and floor tiles and countertop:


  • Removed silicone using a scraper


  • Scrubbed tiles and grout clean using Selleys Sugar Soap


  • Gave everything a light sand using 420-grit sandpaper


  • Sprayed Selleys Rapid Mould Killer, wiped clean and let the grout dry


  • Primed using Dulux Renovation Range Primer


  • Wall tiles and countertop painted using Dulux Renovation Range Tiles & Benchtops in Lexicon, and then applied a satin clear coat


  • Floor tiles painted using Dulux Renovation Range Floors in Lexicon


  • Re-did my silicone using Selleys No Mould in White and Translucent.




  • Painted with Taubmans Endure Low Sheen in Dulux Natural White


  • I later realised my walls were never sealed and so I then had to go back, scrape off my paint, apply Dulux Sealer Binder to my raw plaster and apply my paint again.


Shower Screens:


  • Removed the old screens


  • Installed D'LUCCI frameless shower screens 600mm wide on both long edges of the shower using Selleys No Mould silicone translucent in the drilled holes and to seal the wall-screen and floor-screen joins.




  • Sanded the mirror frame using 420-grit sandpaper


  • Applied Dulux 1Step Prep Primer, Sealer & Undercoat to the frame


  • Painted using White Knight Water Based Enamel in Satin Black


Door to toilet:


  • Removed hardware


  • Pine cut to size and adhered to existing cabinets using Selleys Liquid Nails to create three box frames


  • Filled joins using Selleys No More Gaps in white


  • Primed using Dulux 1Step Prep Primer, Sealer & Undercoat


  • Painted using British Paints H20 Enamel in Dulux Moorland


  • Installed Lane Privacy Knob Set in matte black.






  • Coated a wooden bowl with Feast Watson Kitchen Timber Wax


  • Plants from Bunnings.


Before and after


Bathroom before.png


bathroom after.png


Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

What an incredible transformation @court_rowe the white tile with the Dulux Moorland color and black accents work so well together!

Thank you for sharing your learnings along the way too, did the makeover take you long to do?





Cultivating a Following

Thanks @KatieC! between work and my toddler I was only able to work on it in small bursts at a time. It probably took me around 2 weeks just working on it when I had the chance 😊

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Wow @court_rowe That is quite a feat! Very well done!





Making a Splash

Love this-  this stunning

Making a Splash

Congratulations! You new bathroom looks just incredible - you've done such an amazing job. The colour scheme you chose looks classic and stylish - so fresh and crisp, too.


I 'refreshed' the bathroom and kitchen of an investment property of mine with the Dulux Renovations range - I'm very happy with it, too. It's a very useful and cost-effective product.

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @RenoRach1. It's sensational to have you join us and hear that this project has caught your attention.

I'm sure our members will be keen to know all about your experiences with the Dulux Renovation Range. Did you have any before and after pictures of your investment property make-over? The range certainly allows refreshes of cabinetry and benchtops where previously the only option would have been a complete renovation.


Please let us know anytime you need assistance with your projects around the home and garden or if you'd like to share them with the community.



Making a Splash

@MitchellMc I definitely do have before and after photos and I'm working on a post to upload soon. You've inspired me to do so, so cheers!

Growing in Experience

@court_rowe how good does the pine you added to the cabinets look?! I thought you must have replaced the cabinet doors with new ones and I came to see what they were called so I could just buy them, but your DIYed them. Amazing!

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Hi @birdie


I totally agree, this is one of the best door transformations I've seen. I was thinking along the same lines that the doors were purchased separately, but as I read further along only realized that they were just modified. Definitely, a clever upcycling technique that can be applied to almost any door.




Becoming a Leader

Absolutely gorgeous, what a fabulous transformation @court_rowe !

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