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Bin storage shed

Having an Impact
Having an Impact


A rubbish bin storage area built with timber and Colorbond painted in Monument.




The project


We live in a two-storey house that has a lovely sunny balcony at the front of the house in a quiet street. However, all I could ever notice looking down were those ugly green rubbish bins. There was also too much concrete (that was painted red) and the Colorbond fences needed to be painted. Something needed to be done, so it was back to Bunnings.



I now love the view from our balcony. No ugly bins to be seen.




How do you like our bin shed? It’s matched up to the newly painted Colorbond fence. It’s now surrounded by new grass, and a beautiful white Natchez tree. We also spray painted the fence Monument to update it. 




Keeping to the “rustic look” of the house and front garden, we let the bin shed age a little and planted grasses on either side.


Becoming a Leader



Hey just had to say, love your bin storage, not sure how long since you made this post.  It's lovely and rustic. 


I am in the planning stage of making a shed along the same plan as you have made, but on a bigger scale of course..


First one I've seen that has exactly what I plan on making..  

Thank you for sharing.


Home Improvement Guru

Morning @annettespanski 

:laugh: How did I miss this is whats going through my head, I saw a Bunnings post from Facebook land and then had a search here as I thought your project was brilliant.

Seriously it dosnt look like that typical Bin storage, it just blends. You have done some really nice work and now I look at my bins standing in the corner with embarrasment! :laugh:



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