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Budget bathroom makeover with painted bath and tiles

Having an Impact
Having an Impact


Paint helped transform this bathroom for just $300. 





The project


We were getting an old house ready for sale, and the green bath just had to go. A clean and a paint job was all that was required to transform this bathroom from drab to fab. The approximate cost of the project was just over $300.


Tools and materials


Tools and materials used:




Step 1


Clean the entire bathroom and remove the old tapware. Use masking tape around the edges of the bath.

Sand the bath and tiles using the wet and dry sandpaper to remove any sheen.

Clean the bathroom again.

Use the Rust Guard solvent with the rags to wipe down the entire bath.

Follow the directions on the White Knight 500ml White Tub And Basin Paint kit to mix up the paint.

Once ready, apply the first coat of paint using the roller and brush. Use turpentine to clean brushes and rollers. Try not to go over a section once it has been done, and don't use too much paint at once or it will start to show drip marks down the side of the bath.

Apply the second coat as per the directions on the box after waiting the required drying time.


The bath paint had a few streaks in it where I had put the paint on too thick and it ran down overnight. I was going to redo the silicon around the bath edges and vanity but didn't do it in the end because of time. 


Step 2


Start with painting the grout lines using the brush.  Work on four to six tiles at a time. Then use the roller to go over the tiles. Once done, don't go back over that section again until completely dry.

Apply second coat the next day. (I also painted the soap dispenser using this tile paint).


Step 3


Using the grout pen, paint over the existing grout lines. This took two pens as the nib was worn down halfway through, though there was paint left in the pen. I didn't paint my floor tiles, so to make it more cohesive I wanted the current black grout to be white to match the rest of the revamped bathroom. 


My new taps had a different size spindle to the old ones, so I wasn't able to just swap them over. The old spindles were hard to remove, so I had a plumber help with this task.


Overall I'm very happy with the final result, and the end of the green bath. Good luck with whatever you decide.


Before and after






Making a Splash

Looks nice and relaxing

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