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Concrete-look side table

Budding Contributor
Budding Contributor

This side table was created with a clever concrete-look finish to keep the piece light and easy to move around.





The project


I used all materials from Bunnings in this project, except for the side table frame from Kmart. The battens were cut at Bunnings.


I covered the tabletop and sides in Ardex Feather Finish to give it that concrete look minus the heavy weight.




After painting the battens with three coats of Dulux Strong Olive, I attached them to the table frame using Liquid Nails. I then trimmed the battens down with my Ryobi Multi Tool. To finish it off, I added a sealer to the concrete-look top to help prevent any stains from spills.




side table.png


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Looks great! :smile:


So that 'fake' concrete layer won't come away from wood? Sticks well?

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Hi @Noyade


Let me tag @grounded_design so that they are made aware of your question. I believe they used Dunlop 3.5kg Ardit Feather Finish Smooth Floor Compound looking at the box display. It is rated for application on wood and does not require the use of any primer. But it would be good to find out how the table is holding so far with everyday use.



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Hi @Noyade,


So far I have applied this finish to wood and laminate benches and have had no problem with it falling off. I even did it for my Laundry bench over an existing Laminate bench and it has not cracked at all (we have had multiple trades people standing on it ect and no problems)


Give a light sand to the surface you are using to help the adhesion. Its also important to let each layer cure properly so I would say 24hrs between each coat to be sure.


Hey @grounded_design did You sand the top to get it smooth? 

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @stefjn. It's brilliant to have you join us, and many thanks for your question about this beautiful project.


Were you thinking of giving something like this a go? I trust @grounded_design will get back to you shortly. 


I'd say that sanding the top was almost definitely one of the steps of this project. You might be able to get the cement relatively smooth when applying, but there will be inconsistencies. If you wait a day after applying the cement and then sand, you'll find it's not fully cured and sands quite easily. It would help if you waited long enough that your sandpaper isn't immediately clogged with wet cement, but not so long that it fully hardens. You can also try metal scrapers which will be relatively effective.


I look forward to hearing @grounded_designs response and assisting you further with this project.


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